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Default Re: How to remove Sprinter Cargo Van ceiling panels?

There are clips on the ceiling that hold the panels in place. I found that by using a nylon "V" shaped body panel tool (Harbor Freight - set costs 6 bucks), you can compress the legs of the clips and by wiggling the tool, the clips will drop out of the metal framing of the roof. Be careful and do not pry the clips downward... you will snap the heads off the clips, rendering them useless.

The hard part was inserting the "V" between the body of the clip and the ceiling framework... it took some finesse to get it right. I broke about 6 or so when removing the ceiling panels on my '14 crew this spring. Of course, no aftermarket clips would work, and I had to go to "momma benz" for replacement... 1.70 each.

The hardest part is reaching under the large panel by the sliding door - there are multiple rows of clips holding it up, and you will need to stand on a ladder to reach all the way in there to get at the clip. Go slow, be patient, and try not to pry downward.

With the sides of each panel (down low), you will see 2 or 3 dimpled areas on each panel. Insert your panel tool upward in these areas, then you can gently pry the side of each panel outward. Here the panel material forms a tab with wings, which fit into a slot in the metal framing. Do this first for each panel, then it will hang down slightly, revealing the clips on the ceiling.

The rear panel fits underneath the one in front of it. Start here, remove the push pins at the rear door (thanks Pfflyer!) remove the wing tabs on the sides, and slide the back of the rear panel down. Then you can pull the panel backwards from underneath the one in front of it and then work on the ceiling clips.

As Pfflyer suggests, another set of hands on the large panels helps alot.

Good luck with it! Cheers, JJ
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