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Default Re: 2010 3500 RV build (formerly painted seat pedestals)

Holy leaking sprinter, Batman !

We had a nice rain last night so I had to cover the hole in my roof where the air conditioner will go. While checking to make sure water wasn't running in there, I found some other places water had made it's way into the van. Investigating further; I found a number of holes (~10) in the body that are located under the outside trim pieces. These holes are 'sealed' during production with a round sticker on the outside which is then painted over. Over the years (my van is a 2010) the adhesive must have come loose and some of the holes are letting water in.

There is also water that runs in past the many plastic rivets that hold on the trim. I had those sealed with Rhino-liner but a couple of them still leaked a little. So I added layer of 3M Window Weld urethane sealant over all of them. Nice bonus is that the trim panels aren't as loose anymore.

Below is a picture of the leaking holes (these are behind the drivers seat) and sticker Mercedes uses to cover them. Most of the stickers were loose. They are on the outside so I pulled them through the holes with some hemostats. The black coating is Rhinoliner which I had applied to the floor and up the sides about 8"

Water dripping in through one of the holes. This one is in the rear of the van on the drivers side. Water coming in here flows in the area between the outside skins and interior frame and normally drains out at the ends. The area where water flows is higher than the interior floor by a few inches. I would say that it is normal to have quite a bit of water in this area.

Unfortunately in my van, screws were installed at just the wrong level when the interior trim panels were installed. So instead of the water running to the ends and out; it leaked past the screws and into the van. I have the panels removed so water was running in through the holes. I had a few holes like that so I sealed them up. I am redesigning the lower panels to eliminate this problem. Beware of side panel screws in this area!! They could be leaking.

Temporary solution: rubber stopper
final solution: #20-012X here:

I'm glad to get this all sorted before adding insulation and putting the wall panels back.
2010 MB 3500 RV conversion.

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