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Default Re: Orton DIY - Headliner removal & Insulation

I just removed and reinstalled the front headliner in a 2012 Sprinter and thought i would post some observations. This is a Crew model with the full headliner and nothing fancy in the overhead console except a light, and no side curtain air bags.

First the overhead console. It is unnecessary to remove it and not as easy as described in the base post because it has plastic tabs all around that overlap the headliner. Instead I just removed the lamp assy by prying the drivers side of the lamp down then unplugging it.

The rear of the headliner is held in place with 4 plastic snaps to a roof brace. A forked door panel removal tool inserted into the seam (between the front and second headliner) from the rear will pop these just like a door panel.

The door weather stripping needs to be pulled down some. I removed it down to about the bottom of the windows. This is needed to let the headliner come down and it makes reinstalling the A and B pillar covers easier.

Both B pillar covers can just be loosened at the top (remove the coat hooks as described in the base note and pop the B pillar covers straight out). They do not need to be removed completely, They need to lean in a bit and let the headliner slide forward once the front of the headliner is free.

The A pillar covers pop off by prying them toward the center of the van from the top down. Re-installation tip: There is a plastic tab at the bottom of each A-pillar that needs to go into a slot under the tweeter grilles. I found it is easier to pop the tweeter grilles off before re-installing the A-pillar cover, then snap the tweeter covers back in place.

The sun visor assemblies are all that is keeping the headliner in place at this point. 4 - #30 Torx bolts each and they come out. Swing down the rear of the visor assy to dis-engage 2 L shaped tabs along the front edge of the visors to the windshield frame.

The headliner is now free and will come down in the front on its own and the rear will be setting on the B pillar covers. You can slide the headliner forward a bit to get it off the B pillar covers then the headliner - now on end - will come right out the passenger side door.

I think it took me 20 minutes to remove it and a little more to reinstall it once I was done with the wiring I was adding.

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