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Default Alternator Rebuild

I bought a spare voltage regulator after reading reports (and hearing Win tell the story of Dave Spainís faulty (and expensive) alternator diagnosis that really turned out to me a faulty voltage regulator. Win tells me itís located inside of the alternator but itís a pretty easy swap. Iíve never done it.

If you want to skip all the research and saga to just buy one, skip right to the bottom for the links.

The first one I bought was NOT the correct one. I thank Win for suggesting that, at the price I paid, it might not be rated for 200 amps which is the output of our Westy Bosch alternators. A more common alternator in Sprinters of our year (2004) is 90 amps. Virtually all of the sites one can use to buy a replacement voltage regulator for a 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 will lead you to the incorrect voltage regulator rated at most for 90 amps (and will be near $50-60) BUT youíll NEVER see the amp spec at those sites or almost any other site. NOTE also in this price range of $50-60 one will find the correct regulator rated for 200 amps on eBay but they are not OEM parts! Iíll include these as sources at the bottom here but I opted to stay OEM Bosch.

It shouldnít have been this difficult locating the correct one but it was. The breakthrough came using the P/N Dave S gave me for a regulator his dealer replaced in his Westy. I took that part number and the incorrect voltage regulator that I had brought to my dealer. Using my VIN number the dealer was able to tell I had a 200 amp Bosch alternator. But none of his databases showed a P/N for the regulator belonging to the 200 amp alternator. Interestingly enough it did show a P/N for a regulator belonging to the 90 amp Sprinter Bosch alternator. So I asked what one would do in need of a 200 amp regulator at this dealership. He said weíd just replace the whole alternator. So I gave him Dave Spainís regulator number which he said was superseded by another number and that he had 2 of them in stock. He showed me one. It was twice the size of the smaller rated regulator that I took in to compare. And it matched the picture I had on my phone of the correct one that an internet source had sent me.

Truly this is the short version of how I eventually got to the right number. Part of the confusion involved the many and various sources of part numbers that are used. MOPAR, Mercedes, Bosch and others.

Here are the relevant P/Nís:

5117587AA Ė Our 200 amp Bosch Alternator (a MOPAR or Chrysler or Dodge) (It turns out that most sources on the internet have a way of finding your voltage regulator easier using the alternator number.

5183842AA Ė Dave Spainís Voltage Regulator installed by his dealer (cost for part was ~$99)

68078956AA Ė The new MOPAR number that supersedes Daveís part number above for the correct Voltage Regulator (my Sprinter dealer had this part of $118.

A 003 154 90 06 Ė The Mercedes P/N which crosses to the number MOPAR above

68078956AA - The number printed on the correct Bosch regulator (confirmed by my dealer) are BR14-M3 and F 00M 145 248 (this later number seems to be the Bosch number and those are zeros.)

5133774AA the INCORRECT 90 amp PART which youíll come across if you try to search without being forewarned. The Bosch # for this INCORRECT PART is 1197311213 DO NOT ORDER THIS!


Here is where I bought mine on eBay (mostly because I was able to communicate with a person that confirmed that his was the right part for our Bosch 200 amp alternator. Although he lists it for $109 with shipping of ~$15, I made an offer of $85 including shipping which was agreed.

Hereís one for $76.54 plus shipping at Factor Mopar Parts using the MOPAR number that superseded Dave Sís number.

Hereís one for $64 plus shipping from Sprinter Parts dot com using the Mercedes equivalent number of A 003 154 90 06 but my email questions kept bouncing back so itís unconfirmed as to currency
merican Engine Co, Ben Daniels (920-543-6646 ) helped me a lot. It took a lot of emails but he eventually helped once he had the alternator number. He provided the picture I used that matched the one my sprinter dealer had in stock. Heís says it will be $80 once he gets it and it appears on his site

You can see a picture of it here by clicking on Partís Catalog then clicking on search then entering the IAT number of 09134. You see a lot of replacement numbers as well as the correct application. Then click on view picture. This is a picture of one side of it that matched what I saw at my Sprinter dealer. Youíll notice that the Bosch number of F 00M 145 248 is in the data and in the picture.

If you want to see a pic of the other side of it go here: then search in the document for VRB264. Notice the Bosch F 00M 145 248 number is referenced. Itís the number printed on one side of the correct regulator.

Another pic here: then search in the document for IB248 or go to page 6. Again notice the Bosch F 00M 145 248 number is referenced. Itís the number printed on one side of the correct regulator.

AND finally here is an example of an ebay listing for the correct regulator but this is NOT OEM so theyíre very cheap.
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