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Default Orton DIY - Headliner removal & Insulation

Procedure for removal of headliner:

1. Remove drivers side "B" pillar plastic cover. Remove "D" ring bolt at bottom (T-40). Remove coast hanger hook bu prying up. Remove T-25 torix bolt that is under hook.

2. Move driver's seat fully forward and move seat back forward. No need to remove seat belt.

3. Pull plastic panel toward center of van. There are 6 metal clips that push into the steel van wall. Two close to the top, two about 5" below the seat belt opening and two about 20" above the floor. Two of the spring clips fell out as I removed panel. I found one. The panel is pulled up and out for removal. There are two plastic hooks at the bottom.

4. "B" pillar cover on the passenger side is different. Remove the coat hook and bolt. Remove the "D" ring bolt at the bottom (T-40). Remove the assist handle on side of pillar (T-30). You get to the bolts by prying off the cover. There is a pry slot at the bottom. There is a snap in clip at the top on the forward side of the pillar. Reaching in from the sliding door side of "B" pillar with a screwdriver you can pop the clip loose. I did not disassemble the passenger side cover any further. Just enough that I could pull it out at the top.

5. Remove both sun visors. There are three T-30 torix bolts on each.

6. Pry down on the right side of the accessory lamp module. There are two spring clips on the right side and two plastic hooks on the drivers side. Do not pry the left side. I could not figure out how to unplug the electrical so left it hanging.

7. Pull out on the top edge of the "A" pillar moldings to release clips. I did not remove these, just loosened them at the top.

8. Pop loose the 4 snap connectors on the back edge of the headliner.

9. Pull headliner straight back. I sort of rolled it out of the right side "B' pillar cover. You might try to remove it with just loosening the top of the "B" pillar cover.

10. Since I did not disconnect the electrical I had to slide the light panel up and toward the windshield as I removed the headliner.

I will now cover surface with rattletrap sound deadener and glue 1" rigid foam board to the ceiling. I will use 1 1/2" foam board on the sides. I will cover all of it with Reflectix foil insulation.

Then I will see if I can get it back together.
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