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Default Orton DIY - Maxxair Fan Install

I chose the Maxxair 6200K fan for two reasons. It was designed so it can be open while driving and it can be open in the rain. I did several things that I thought would improve the installation. I made a 3/4" plywood backing plate picture frame to install inside to reinforce the opening and I made 1/8" x 1" aluminum plates to distribute the load at the bolt heads. The RV places said the plastic frame will crack at the bolt holes so I added the aluminum strips. I also did not want to use the SS sheet metal screws supplied and instead used through bolts with an elastic stop nut.

1. Made a 14" x 14" plywood template with a 5/16" hole in the center and four 1/8" holes in the four corners. The 1/8" holes were 7/16" in from edge of pattern. I used a 7/8" dia. electrical knockout to get nice rounded corners in the 14" hole.
2. Drilled a 1/8" hole through the roof where I wanted center of opening. Enlarged that to 5/16". Bolted plywood template to the roof. Rotated template as required to make opening square with the Sprinter cross ribs. Tightened center bolt. Used duct tape to hold template in place.
3. Drilled four 1/8" holes in corners using template holes as guide. Removed template.
4. Enlarged four corner holes in roof to 3/8" for knockout stud. Punched the four corner holes.
5. Drew a line tangent to 7/8" dia. holes to mark saw path. Cut between each corner hole with jigsaw from inside the van. Wish I had some clear goggles to keep metal out of my eyes.
Cut 3 sides of opening and then added duct tape on top and under roof on the three cut sides to keep 14" sq. plate from falling when I made the last cut. Removed any Mercedes sound deadening material that was in the way.
6. Put plastic fan ring into opening and held it centered with duct tape.
7. Went back on top and drilled the four corner bolt holes. Bolted ring down at the four corners. Drilled remaining holes by using the plastic holes in the ring as a guide.
8. Removed ring and cleaned up and painted edges.
9. Added butyl tape under flange and added aluminum strips over plastic flanges. So sandwich was 1/8" alum.,plastic fan flange,Sprinter roof, 3/4" plywood backing plate.
10. Trimmed off extruded butyl tape that was pushed out and then caulked the edges and the top of the bolt heads.
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