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Default Re: REST and airtronics

Originally Posted by vic
I attempt to explain the various heater options here. Have fun. vic
That list of options left out the T1N's rear cabin heat exchanger option: H13.
That consists of a switch on the dash to turn it on, which opens a valve allowing engine coolant to go back to another heater core located under the floor behind the driver's seat.
There's a fan blowing across the core, capable of two speeds (the "on" switch is a three position switch: off, low and high speed).
There's a plastic "register" which pulls air in at floor level just behind the driver's seat and exhausts warmed air from under the first row of rear cabin seats.
(i have to admit that i've never found it useful... turning on the front heater (with boost/auxiliary if need be) full blast does a better job of warming the rear). Too much plumbing out in the breezes...

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