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abittenbinder 10-26-2007 02:14 PM

Andys Pop-top
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I though you may like these photos in this photo section as well. The 10,000 hour pop-top project is still "under construction". Working on wiring and interior. It sleeps 5 and has full dining room and kitchen with sink/running water, built-in microwave, 2 burner stove, 3-way fridge and propane central heating. These early photos do not show the installed monster sized rear side windows. One side has the awning style and the other side the slider style. Rear door windows are screened sliders as well. Doktor A

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sikwan 10-26-2007 02:27 PM

Re: Andys Pop-top
Thanks for sharing DokAndy!

The cover looks like it's a transplant from a VW Vanagon camper van. Is it true? How does the material perforum during a downpour?

abittenbinder 10-26-2007 02:58 PM

Re: Andys Pop-top
I did not want to mold an entire roof from scratch. I started with the vanagon fiberglass top and modified its length and added a front bulkhead (vanagon pop roofs are open at the front and close against a luggage carrier). The roof raising mechanism was extensively modified and the Sprinter received an inner and outer superstructure to reinforce the roof and it's new opening. A inner rear superstructure was also added to allow for a secure mounting surface for the rear scissor hinges and a raised steel mounting perimeter was fabricated to allow mounting of an unmodified, new, replacement vanagon tent(now available with generous zippered front and side windows). 10,000 hours is of course a stretch of the facts, but not much of one. Doktor A

Llarry 10-26-2007 04:55 PM

Re: Andys Pop-top
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I want to know more about the pushout on the left rear as shown in this photo, Andy. Is that the basement den or something?

Incredible work and I am still amazed that you can sell these conversions for only 3K...! :bow::bounce:

abittenbinder 10-26-2007 05:01 PM

Re: Andys Pop-top
Larry, I thought you would be more interested in the built-in basketball court. And yes, price is still $2999.99 AND your first and second born. First and second born humans, that is. NOT llamas. Doktor A

abittenbinder 10-26-2007 05:08 PM

Re: Andys Pop-top

Originally Posted by sikwan (Post 14374)
Thanks for sharing DokAndy!

How does the material perform during a downpour?

The tents are available in a variety of materials-this one happens to be Sunbrella. The various materials don't allow water leakage under the heaviest of downpours (but still breathe)-as long as you remember to close the sunroof and screen cover zippers. Doktor A

hkpierce 10-26-2007 08:30 PM

Re: Andys Pop-top
How about his unique grill? Mercedes/Freightliner/Mercedes

Llarry 10-27-2007 04:51 PM

Re: Andys Pop-top

Originally Posted by hkpierce (Post 14394)
How about his unique grill? Mercedes/Freightliner/Mercedes

I missed that first time around... :thumbup:

Typical Herr Dr Eng Bittenbinder work: Wunderbar! :clapping:

worksofman 11-03-2007 04:54 AM

Re: Andys Pop-top
Beautiful to see your pop-top. Drove a VW Westy for a long time; if someone hasn't really experienced the good side of the pop-tops, they might not get it. Of course, being an old VW, there were a few issues, heat, power, friends deciding electrical fires weren't an accepted part of the journey, gas-fed auxillary heaters dropping little balls of fire as I drove down the road....

I'd been dreaming of doing what you've done to your Sprinter, and then saw yours (thanks, Google.). I should be picking up my used Sprinter next week, a 2004 140' 2500. But... I needed to go with the higher roof, as this will be a rolling studio for me at times, and it gets really old crouching.

Here's the big question... would it be insane to put a pop-top with the higher roof? I realize I may need to add extra support, but before I follow along this mental path too much, I guess I need to figure out if it's a pipedream or a possibility. Seems you, or others out there, might have a sense of it. And I'm sure there will be opinions... which is great.

Thought this was an interesting/modifyable option: http://www.loftyshelters.com/IndexFrame.htm

BaywoodBill 11-03-2007 04:20 PM

Re: Andys Pop-top
And the reason for a poptop on a taller van is for another bed? :hmmm:

Maybe put up a tent outside, since you can already stand up inside.

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