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sonic1002 03-21-2018 01:07 AM

Hello! I think our original microwave is dying. Has anyone replaced their microwave and if so, what brand/model is your replacement? TIA!

OldWest 03-21-2018 04:01 AM

Re: Microwave
The original microwave was either an Origo or Tappan, about 0.5 cu ft and 550/600 watts or so (different name brands, same microwave). Unfortunately, microwave was discontinued years ago and no replacement microwave with the proper dimensions to fit through the cabinet opening and air space is probably available.

The cabinet opening of about 18" x 10" (curved corners) restricts the possibilities.

Option 1. Replacement microwave.

Unlikely to find but would be nice. Consider the dimensions without feet or handles (every little bit helps, replace feet afterwards).

There may be Westy owners who do not use and may be willing to sell. Can also check ebay, etc., for one.

Option 2. Repair.

If lucky, might find a repair shop. Worthwhile if can't find replacement.

Option 3. Enlarge Opening

If can find a microwave which fits the interior space, can enlarge the cabinet opening (get rid of folddown cabinet door).

Possible searches for "micro" or "mini" or "compact" or "small" or "smallest" microwave brands might include Haier, Daewoo (a QT1 240V version used in Europe), and portable Wavebox (not good reviews). Have to confirm specs.

Haier, Danby, Proctor-Silex, Westinghouse, and other brands have small 0.6 cu ft microwaves which are slightly too big for cabinet opening (but may fit if feet or cabinet opening is enlarged).


240v version:


Wavebox might fit without carrying handle?


Option 4. Use Space for Something Else

Use the space for storage, like a toaster oven (have to remove when in use and cooldown before storing).

If must have a microwave, there is a small Whirlpool rounded cube microwave. Too tall to store in that space but could store elsewhere when not in use (behind benchseat).


There are several small concept microwaves which apparently never made it to market, like




Please post whatever you find and do. Thanks.

OldWest 03-21-2018 05:25 PM

Re: Microwave
Note for 240V Users:

The Daewoo QT1, QT2, and QT3 look like they'd fit into the cabinet space below the junk-silverware drawer/hob. The different QT models look like they're the same except for color.

Don't know if the James Cook version has an electrical socket in that cabinet space like the NAFTA Westies.

OldWest 03-21-2018 05:44 PM

Re: Microwave
Modifications for 240v Daewoo Microwave.

As the Daewoo QT microwave looks like it fits and gets good reviews, there are two possible modifications to make it possibly work in our Westies. Expensive but worthwhile if one wants a microwav in that cabinet storage area.

1. Transformer Step-Up

Use a 120v to 240v transformer. Will need one with big wattage. Ones on Amazon look awfully big.

2. 240v Inverter

OneManVan has an Exeltech 1100 watt, 120v inverter mounted behind the original Origo/Tappan microwave. The microwave plugs into the inverter and is used only off the inverter (so no need for switches, etc.).

With the Daewoo, one could install a 240v inverter just to run the microwave.

OldWest 03-22-2018 07:37 PM

Re: Microwave
Note: American 240v is NOT the same as British/European 240v. So if buy 240v microwave, need a British/European 240v inverter. Different hz frequencies too.

American 240v is for American air conditioners, dryers, ranges, etc.--different receptacle prongs than British/European.

American 110v/120v and 220v/240vversus British/European 220v/240v.

MrTomacco 03-23-2018 01:36 PM

Re: Microwave
Will this 12 VDC micro fit? It is listed as discontinued on this site. Outside: 11"h x 15"w x 10"d


Others at :

sonic1002 09-12-2018 03:24 AM

Re: Microwave
We ended up keeping the original. It will run for exactly 4 minutes and then won't run anymore without a ten minute break. Willing to put up with that since it will be difficult to replace.

limerence 02-09-2019 06:22 PM

Re: Microwave
I recently tried the AmazonBasics microwave to see if it would fit:


Unfortunately it was too tall even with removing the top and side cover. If anyone has found an aftermarket one that works, or is willing to sell theirs, please let me know.


MrTomacco 02-10-2019 07:32 AM

Re: Microwave

Originally Posted by sonic1002 (Post 689007)
We ended up keeping the original. It will run for exactly 4 minutes and then won't run anymore without a ten minute break. Willing to put up with that since it will be difficult to replace.

Sounds like a mechanical cooling fan may not be running and the magnetron gets too hot and shuts down. Do you hear a fan running when it is operating? There is a wave guide stirring fan that scatters the microwave beam around and may cool the magnetron too. Or a separate cooling fan for the electronics. Does it cook evenly? Anyone have a schematic?


OldWest 06-25-2019 05:21 PM

Re: Microwave
See the first post with a photograph of a cutout to allow a bigger microwave.


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