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skier1950 06-02-2016 02:24 PM

shower and kitchen sink won't drain
2015 SS Agile; shower and kitchen sink takes forever to drain. Saw this problem posted a long time ago but there was no solutions to the problem listed. Has anyone had this problem and solved it?

starfighter 06-04-2016 02:26 PM

Re: shower and kitchen sink won't drain
I did have a problem with shower not draining. Found that if I had the front of vehicle slighted elevated, problem solved.
( I would also check the vent for grey water tank)

irvingj 06-05-2016 10:53 AM

Re: shower and kitchen sink won't drain
How "full" is your gray water tank? Just to check it out, we allowed ours to pretty much fill up; sink drain became extremely slow at draining- thought it was stopped up, but no, tank was full. It did eventually drain, or seemed to. Draining holding tank(s) fixed it.

johnboater 06-12-2016 02:31 PM

Re: shower and kitchen sink won't drain
I had this problem with my new '16 Agile I got last month. Took first shower morning after I got it and was soon standing in water. I worked it over with plunger over several day period. Even wrapped business end of hose with small towel and forced water in. Working fine now.

gregmchugh 06-16-2016 12:13 AM

Re: shower and kitchen sink won't drain
There was a mention on the Roadtrek Owners Group on Facebook that Roadtrek has a fix for the Agile slow drain problem. You might want to join the group to connect with other owners.

starfighter 06-17-2016 11:55 PM

Re: shower and kitchen sink won't drain
After talking w/ Roadtrek, this is a known condition.
They gave me the part number for a repair kit and will cover installation under warranty

gregmchugh 06-18-2016 12:05 AM

Re: shower and kitchen sink won't drain
Did they indicate what was being fixed with the repair kit?

RT.SS 06-19-2016 12:08 AM

Re: shower and kitchen sink won't drain
The Roadtrek fix is probably to change the “air admittance valve/ anti-siphon valve” under the sink due to slow kitchen drain, but that has nothing to do with the slow shower drain problem. It is just a bad shower drain design in my opinion. The shower drains into the gray tank via the same pipe for the gray tank vent; in right conditions, this design is prone to vapor lock in the tank. It’s like funneling water all at once into an air tight container, what are they thinking? If you look at the attached picture below, the shower drain/vent pipe is also almost vertically mounted compounding into the slow drain problem. :2cents:

gregmchugh 06-19-2016 12:29 AM

Re: shower and kitchen sink won't drain
Did they recently change the plumbing? The Agile has been around on this chassis since 2008 and the reports of drain problems seem to be recent...

RT.SS 06-19-2016 01:25 AM

Re: shower and kitchen sink won't drain
My 2011 Agile (built in 2010) suffers same problem when it was new, sometimes it won’t drain at all. If I open the anti-siphon valve it drains quicker so it appears to be vapor lock in the tank, at least in my experience. The shower drain has gotten slightly better…why? I don’t know as I didn’t do anything to correct it. I barely used the shower anyways. I can only speculate that the plumbing now has slimy coating from soapy sediments and the water drains slightly better with less resistance???

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