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Adolphus 09-11-2018 11:54 PM

No turning back now
After reading autocampís excellent brunnhilde blog until my eyes were blurry I got frisky and removed my Kerstner AC, convertors, and Onan generator with the plan to convert to the coleman mach 8 ac/honda eu2000i approach. I pulled up the orange Romex cable feed from the Onan and left it safely curled it up until I figure out what to do next. When I removed the two overhead cabinets I pushed the two heavy dc black cables from the Kerstner behind the vent cabinet (almost) back into the cavity. I'm over my head with regard to electrical connections and have some questions:

Would it be prudent to push these black cables all the way into the cavity so I can reattach the vent cabinet (the one with the tambour door) back on with the expectation that I could clean up and remove these cables at a later date from down below?

Would the orange cable be a good approach to feeding power from a honda generator into the van?

Do the cabin batteries still charge with the 150 A fuse pulled from under the hood?

Anyone interested in the Kerstner?

sonic1002 09-12-2018 03:44 AM

Re: No turning back now
What is this blog that you speak of?

Adolphus 09-12-2018 03:59 AM

Re: No turning back now

OldWest 09-12-2018 04:07 AM

Re: No turning back now
1. Autocamp Blog


Switch to web format (not mobile) for search function.

2. AC

Adolphus, please post whatever you figure out and do. I and other Westy owners may follow.

The following is just guessing so proceed with caution.

150 Amp Fuse Next to Engine Battery:

I believe the existing Air Conditioner setup bypasses the coach batteries. So coach batteries should charge from shorepower or engine alternator without the 150 amp fuse which I'm assuming is for the Kerstner air conditioner (But please tell us what you figure out).

Onan Power Feed Cord:

The Onan generator output should go to an automatic transfer switch behind the alternating current breakers. Have never seen in person but am guessing Airstream had to put one there to prevent conflict between shorepower and generator output. (Other RVs use a single power cord to plug into either shorepower or into the generator so no conflict.)

The Honda generator has less output than the Onan. If you use the existing power cord from the Onan into the auto transfer switch, then you'd be powering the entire Westy which may be too much (remember that the Westy battery charger uses power automatically unless you switch off the circuit breaker, so you'd have to watch the cumulative loads).

Don't remember how Autocamp did.

12v DC Air Conditioner Cables:

12v Cables: I'd suggest removing any wires rather than leaving "unknown" wires for later (like those weird mysterious disconnected cable tv or coaxial wires). Don't think thise wires could.be used for anything else. Of course, all wires should be disconnected from any power (so not live) and capped off.

But, now might be the time to run some solar panel wires for the future as the upper cabinet is out.

Don't have any info but hopefully Autocamp and others with experience and expertise do.


Adolphus 09-12-2018 02:17 PM

Re: No turning back now
Thank you for your thorough and thoughtful response. My intention is definitely to remove extra cabling and wiring that would serve no future purposes. My hesitation regarding reattaching the cabinet above the stove is with respect to having some confidence that the cabling slipped back into the driver side cavity would be able to be pulled down from below with the cabinet reinstalled. If it can be handled exclusively from below but removal of the black tank is required to access this cabling I would prefer to leave cabling hidden out of the way until I have the gumption to install a Thetford cassette toilet (c402c). Iíve removed a black tank once but I would not want to put one back in again (ever). I had not given any thought to solar panel wiring future prep.

Adolphus 09-19-2018 02:02 AM

Re: No turning back now
I couldnít get the high current dc cables out from behind the black tank and Iím proceeding with the Thetford cassette toilet conversion. I miscalculated and cut shower pan shorter than I like even though I measured twice. Seems the front was tilting out some because it was stuck at the side walls (itís a tight fit). I have recovered by using the removed section material to create the side curves and dam. I also used the discarded material to fill in the big semicircle and sandwiched it between polyethylene/heavy weave fiberglass on the back and fine weave on the top side. Still have a ways to go to smooth everything up to westfalia standards but getting there. I likely wouldnít have started it without seeing Autocampís blog first.
Iím hopeful I can still use the existing power wire that fed the old toilet.

Adolphus 09-19-2018 02:09 AM

Re: No turning back now
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Adolphus 09-20-2018 05:59 PM

Re: No turning back now
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Iím struggling with removal of the kerstner cabling from the driverís side cabinet cavity, even after removing the tank. It wonít budge from above or below. Would appreciate any guidance.

OldWest 09-20-2018 08:24 PM

Re: No turning back now
Do you have a cable or Depstech type camera to stick up in the area to see? If not, how about sticking your cellphone up into that area (the circle hole on side)?

The cables could be tied together with other wires or even tied/screwed to some wall?

Or, the cables could have pieces of foam glued over them to prevent noise rattling?

Adolphus 09-21-2018 02:28 AM

Re: No turning back now
No cable camera but tried to use my phone camera after disconnecting and moving the vent hose aside. Can’t see well into this area with a phone cam. I may need to look into a flex camera cable.
On another frustrating note, there seems to be a “world wide” shortage of the spare tire undercarriage hooks (5118920AA)

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