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trukeeper 11-25-2013 04:56 PM

Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
We placed our order for a 2014 Era the first of November. We were originally told the RV would be ready to pick up around the first or second week of December. We found out a week ago that our schedule has slipped and it will be early January before our Era will be ready. Fine with me, we had no travel plans over the holidays anyway, so better it sits up in Iowa rather than my driveway until after New Years! The really good news (I think) is the reason for the delay; apparently, the factory is switching over to the 2014 Mercedes Sprinter chassis which has caused all the current orders to slip. so it seems my 2014 Era will be a 2014 through and through. Having said that, however, what does that really mean? All I know is the 2014 have a different grill and the shifter knob has the Mercedes star on it.. beyond that, not sure. Does anyone know what, if any, upgrades/enhancements/etc. have been incorporated into the new Sprinter chassis? I've also heard some rumors that Winnebago may be putting in a few mid-model year improvements themselves, but don't have any details yet. Does anybody out there have an Era built on the new 2014 Chassis? This will be our first Sprinter (In fact, it is our first RV!!!). Any useful hints and tips from anyone out there? I am particularly interested in what kind of accessories/supplies/equipment I MUST get right away to support this new toy. I've already started reading these blogs and got lots of good information and look forward to learning more as we enter this new phase in our lives.

sailquik 11-25-2013 05:04 PM

Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
See if you can get the VIN# for the Cab/Chassis they are going to build your RV on.
Send me the VIN# and a valid email address (via PM above) and I will pull the data card for that chassis so you can
see all of the things that went into building the Chassis in Germany.
Lots of new things for the 2014
The whole front end is different......new standard 4 cylinder 2.1 liter dual stage turbo (OM-651) engine....7 speed transmission
The optional OM-642/5 speed is still there, so the RV up fitter may be using that engine and trans.
First thing you need is a Scan Gauge II so you can learn to drive your new RV efficiently in a manner that will keep it running trouble
free for many miles/years.

bofusfly 11-25-2013 09:41 PM

Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
Congratulations trukeeper. Yours will definitely be a 2014 chassis. We ordered our ERA 70A Sep. 14th and it is enroute to the dealer for delivery tomorrow. We received the VIN 2 weeks ago and were very pleasantly surprised to find an "E" rather than a "D" for the year code. Enjoy, Terry

bobojay 11-26-2013 02:48 AM

Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
Hi neighbor. Congrats on the 2014 chassis. Winnie is also in the process of moving production to a new plant closer to Forest City, which is BADLY needed for space. Yours will probably not come out of that plant.
The 2014 Sprinter has some upgrades safety wise that are good of course, and I know for a fact that the 70X model is getting a sliding screen door inside the side slider which makes me envious. Don't know what other "upgrades" their doing on the coach save for maybe?? a tankless water heater? That's a considerably more expensive piece than the standard Atwood model though. Winnebago sometimes makes mid year minor changes to their units, all for the better.
Unless you are headed south for the winter, there's really nothing you will need until after you get home and can think about it.

A suggestion of a few things to get if you just have to spend some $$$ though.

One of these for sure, http://www.bestconverter.com/SSP-30-...tor_p_507.html not necessarily from these guys. Shop around online for one.
A couple others are a 15/20 amp to 30 amp converter plug and a 50 amp to 30 amp plug. The 15 amp and 50 amp ends would be the male end. Sometimes your power pedestal at campgrounds or home(s) you plug into don't have a 30 amp working plug so you use the converter(s) to make a working setup. You should really never plug into a less than 20 amp circuit anywhere, but if you are not going to run the coach air you should be ok on a 15.

Remember the Sprinter is not a regular vehicle unless you have previous experience with a Mercedes diesel. It takes a special oil and you definitely want to stick with OEM or Mann or Hengst filters. BEWARE of eastern European or Chinese made filters for sure. I buy all my Mann oil filters and the proper spec oil, (do my own maintenance), on Amazon at excellent prices.

More folks will speak up here that own 70A's I'm sure....

trukeeper 11-26-2013 04:00 AM

Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
Sailquik, I will look you up once I get the VIN number. Terry, we ordered our 70A on November 1, have not received the VIN yet, but hope to soon. Currently looking at early January for delivery. When you pick up your 70A, Terry, POST SOME PICS!! I'm really anxious to see how the new chassis looks. Bobojay, thanks for the info. I haven't forgotten your offer to meet up, just been hectic with Thanksgiving coming and my better half preparing for her (well deserved) retirement. I believe your comment regarding the screen door applies equally to the 70A, hopefully, Terry will confirm this as soon as he get's his 70A tomorrow. Going back to your suggestions regarding the converter plugs et. al. I was at Walmart this evening and looking at their stuff, they had various Campco brand 30-50AMP and 15/30 AMP adapters. I recall they looked alot like the surge protector you mentioned (i.e. a plug, about 6" cable, and another plug). So you are saying the 15/30 converter plug would be female on the 30amp side and male on the 15 map side? as for the 30/50amp converter, the 50amp side is male and the 30amp side is female, correct? (i.e. the 30amp end is always female and the "other" end is male, right?) Another thing I noticed at walmart were these inline water filters... I'm guessing these would be good things to have as well? (yes, I am really a newbie on this stuff)... Thanks for the input... keep it coming!!

bofusfly 11-26-2013 04:19 PM

Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
trukeeper, looks like my delivery has been pushed back a couple of days due to travel conditions between Iowa and me here in North Georgia. I'll keep you posted and will also get some pics of the 13/14 differences when it arrives. Terry

bobojay 11-26-2013 07:24 PM

Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
The 15 and 50 amp converters are female on the 30amp (coach) end. The blue water filters are a good idea. I filter ALL the water that goes in the coach, even from home. Not for drinking purposes, but to keep the junk out of the pump and water system in the coach. Campgrounds are notorious for dirty, i.e. sand, dirt etc, in their water systems. We don't drink the coach water, we carry bottled for drinking, cooking etc. Some folks use Brita pitchers. The water filter you get with your coach is very expensive to replace yearly, so we never hook it in. Speaking of water, another item you'll need is a water pressure regulator for your water hose. RV's can't take more than about 40-50lbs of water pressure when hooked up, they blow lines and crack fittings.

Most of the "stuff", filters, adapters etc. I got at Amazon. They are having a 30day free Prime membership right now, so shipping is 2 day free if wanted. Their prices pretty much mirror WalMart, sometimes better. I like to let the UPS man do the walking. (Besides, I don't care for WalMart) Camco is a pretty good brand for everything you'll need.

bofusfly 12-23-2013 05:33 AM

Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
trukeeper, We finally got a peek at our new 70A today. It's a 2014 chassis and unfortunately there is no screen door. More pics and info after we take delivery later this week...

trukeeper 12-23-2013 02:27 PM

Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
Great Bofus, I thought that maybe you were so busy playing with your new RV you didn't have time to check the forums here. Sorry to hear there is no screen door.. I heard that the new ones would have it.. still waiting on mine.. supposed to be ready the first week of January. My only real concern at this point is that the weather holds up and we will be able to make the drive from Kansas City to Forest City to get it!!

bobojay 12-24-2013 10:54 PM

Re: Placed our order for 2014 Era - can't wait!
My understanding is they are doing the screen door on the 70X but not the 70A. Maybe for the 2015's. I know a source to put the screen door on a 70A if you would want it, but it's VERY expensive. (We're not doing it)
Both of you guys have a safe trip up there and say hello to Ron & his crew for us.....enjoy that new building they just built

Incidentally, what color did you guys get?

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