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ptheland 01-17-2019 06:28 PM

Re: Rear a/c

Originally Posted by linnmagic (Post 731619)
Hi, I also have 2016 high roof with rear AC, How hard or easy to take it out? Thanks.

Not too hard at all.

1. Hit up a local air conditioning place to have them remove the refrigerant.
2. Take it all apart. Taking things apart is easy. Putting them back together is the hard part. :rad:

More seriously, once the refrigerant is out of the system, you start with the grey covers on the interior. There are a few videos on YouTube showing the process. The front and rear covers slide forward and aft. The wider center piece has a couple of screws in it. Then there are some screws holding in the black pieces that remain.

If you like the rear AC but don't like the loss of head room, this is the place to stop and consider the possibility of making your own air distribution system. That could be anything from some kind of a grill to deflect air, to a thin and wide box to move the air to different places around the van. If that's a no-go, continue on.

Then it's up to the roof. The grey covers come off first. Those screws are obvious. The front cover has a form-fitting styrofoam insert under it. It takes a bit of careful lifting to get it off. Then start disconnecting everything you see. Again, YouTube is your friend.

The last bit is to remove screws from the inside that hold the black plastic piece to the roof, and release the gasket infamous for its propensity to leak in the rain or car wash. You're left with a hole ready for a vent installation or a patch.

flyag1 01-19-2019 01:38 AM

Re: Rear a/c
If you want it get the rear air and mod it just a little. You will experience ZERO penally for height restrictions.

Here is the secret, drop all the plastic away from the headliner. You can through all that stuff in the corner, lights, vents. You leave the headliner up.

You will need to fill a couple holes in the headliner, simple go to the MD shop and get a couple plastic plugs like used on the rear section of the headliner where it attaches above rear doors.

Now cut the almost all the black plastic off the bottom of the air unit. It was only there to direct air. Pay close attention and you will see a rubber hose coming off the rear of the AC, this is your condensation drain. *****don't cut anything above or near that drain****

There is a resister that needs to be relocated, it's mounted in the center of the black plastic AC housing and the wires run towards the port side. It has silver probes and is about 2 inches sq.

Now plug the whole however you wish. What I did was cut a piece of 1/4 ply a couple inches oversize and covered it with headliner material. I attached the front about 1/2 below the headliner so air could still flow.

flyag1 01-19-2019 01:44 AM

Re: Rear a/c
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If the photo attached? Note the flat section in the center of housing. You can cut everything from the line down. So if you wanted to just seal the hole and leave the AC mounted you can simply use something very thin to seal her up.

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