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hkpierce 08-30-2007 01:20 AM

Post but no edits
Sikwan: I no longer seem to have edit rights to my posts, though I can post new threads. Any particular reason?

Don Horner 08-30-2007 01:24 AM

Re: Post but no edits
I'm replying to see if I can edit. If you don't see an edit below this paragraph, then I cannot.

Yep, here it is, no problem. I'm using Firefox.

tab380 08-30-2007 01:46 AM

Re: Post but no edits

Originally Posted by hkpierce (Post 11449)
Sikwan: I no longer seem to have edit rights to my posts, though I can post new threads. Any particular reason?

Ill try too.

It works for me. I dont know what firefox is but I have AOL dialup.

SprinterUSA1 08-30-2007 01:49 AM

Re: Post but no edits
No problems here either.


sikwan 08-30-2007 03:11 AM

Re: Post but no edits

Originally Posted by hkpierce (Post 11449)
Sikwan: I no longer seem to have edit rights to my posts, though I can post new threads. Any particular reason?


I just recently set the "edits" to one day, meaning if your post is older than one day, then the forum will not let you do any edits to your own posts.

The reason I did this was because we had one member go through a deletion & edit spree. First he deleted all his posts and caused a lot of discontinuity in several threads. No problem, it's his posts and he can do whatever he wants. The problem was that he would post and delete it and then post again keeping his post count to one.

After the advice of a couple forum members I decided to restore the posts. I thought about the copyright issues (which I'm no expert), but this is a public forum and members are welcome to visit and not POST.

After I restored it, he again deleted them. I took away his deletion privileges. Then he decided to go edit all his posts and delete all of its contents. :smirk: This time I had to one by one restore each and every posts from previous backups. I then took away all his editing privileges. He then decided that he didn't want to be a member any more so I banned him (somewhat).

I can do one or other things...

1. Keep it the way it is and just give HKPierce editing privileges not limited to 1 day.

2. Give everyone editing privileges for 1 week.

3. Give everyone "no limit" editing privileges.

I don't really mind number 3. I just don't want to restore 500 posts because of some disgruntled members. :D

Suggestions, please.


jdcaples 08-30-2007 04:27 AM

Re: Post but no edits
I think that 24 hours to immortalize one's posting, one's writing - one's thoughts - is plenty of time to burn the manuscript before it becomes public domain.

Words are valuable, even the words conveyed in irrational anger or insane euphoria, because they reflect experiences, events, victories, regrets; lessons about people, personalities, Sprinters, engineering, problem solving, passion.

We learn from experiences. We transfer first-hand experiences, learning by using words.

Twenty-four hours is plenty of time to take it back. It's more than we get in the real world. Comparatively speaking, I think 24 hours is luxury.

The moment I drop a letter in the mail box, it's no longer my property. Maybe the posting Submit button should say, "Airmail."

Is there a terse - maybe short, single - word for "Next Day Delivery?"



Altered Sprinter 08-30-2007 05:33 AM

Re: Post but no edits
Seek I agree with your reasoning, it's a two way question and a tough call as to what a member may choose to do, by deleting a post that connects to all the questions in a post on a thread in our forum as such.
To delete because of personal feelings right or wrong! does make the thread useless so 24 hours to modify should be more than sufficient for members in IMPO
Copyright !it's a public forum! "Once committed it becomes public domain property". Although I have gone back on my own postings many times, to correct a mistake:thumbdown: or a bad sentence:thinking: from time to time, but in the main I think you made the right decision.

ctmcdaniel 08-30-2007 12:29 PM

Re: Post but no edits

24 hours is fine.

Tom McD

hkpierce 08-30-2007 05:33 PM

Re: Post but no edits
One of the strengths of this forum's format as compared to the Yahoo forum's format is the editting feature. If used properly (clearly from Sikwan's description a big "if") threads can be kept more compact, thus increasing their readability and utility. In my opinion, long threads with many posts with limited additional information are not as useful as shorter threads where the incremental information is added in its proper context. I often create a generic topic thread [such as http://www.sprinter-source.com/forum...ht=insulation] and then add to it. This keeps information in a compact presentation. I also go back and add words to help searches, and occassionally update data and pictures.

These forums also serve more than one function: they originate for pooling information. But they evolve into a mini-society, wherein certain posters appreciate the feed-back of having an increment added to their postings count; or the act of posting confirming their sense of being part of the social group. This development is actually good, as it keeps information coming in. As with edits, this development can be abused. So, while edits do not lead to the same social fed-back mechanism, I do think that edits - for those willing to go through the effort - help with the first function of pooling information in a compact manner.

Don Horner 08-30-2007 05:57 PM

Re: Post but no edits
Most of the forums in which I participate limit editing to 45 minutes or less. The reasoning is that if you see an obvious typo, or if someone else has posted at the same time as you, you might want to correct something. But, after that, your message should be carved in stone. Because, most people do not go back and re-read a message after a period of time, and the edited content will be entirely missed. 24 hours is generous, but even that is too long for someone like me that visits the forum as couple of times per day, reads the posts, and never returns to them. I'd hate to think I have to read all of them multiple times to be sure I didn't miss something that was edited.

There are two other ways to handle the posts if something needs to be corrected hours later -- leave another, corrective post, or ask an administrator to edit for you, and rely on their judgment.

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