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Midwestdrifter 10-23-2019 11:29 PM

Part It Forward - Karma
This thread is for users who want to give away things they don't need. These should be T1N related. Parts, tools, etc.

Rule 1: Do not post items you intend to sell. This is free (as in beer) only.

Rule 2: If you want any of the parts listed, PM the listing user.

Rule 3: Once an item is gone, the listing user should quote their original post, followed with a "Gone!"

Rule 4: Keep the random banter, comments about the postings to a minimum.

Rule 5: Post your location, and if you will ship (obviously on the receiver)

Karma: DO NOT receive items with the intent of selling them. Doing so is extremely bad form.
DO NOT request items of any kind. If you want something - post in the "Want to Buy" forum.

Midwestdrifter 10-23-2019 11:34 PM

Re: Part It Forward - Karma
To kick things off. I have the following items I want gone.

Located in Charlotte NC.

Transmission crossmember. Lightly bent from previous owner jacking it. No significant rust. Will consider shipping.

Transmission bracket, and rubber isolator. 180k miles, in good condition. Will Ship if someone really needs it.

Custom made tank that fits under the sliding door. Should fit on 140" and 158" vans. See my build thread for details. It has a couple extremely slow pin leaks. Doesn't drip, but will show a bit of a stain on the surface. Holds about 10 gallons of liquid, and has 2x1/2" NPT ports. Too heavy to ship. It is made from 10 gauge galvanized steel. It attaches with 4 rivnuts. Two in the body skirt, and 2 in the frame rail. I used it as an auxililiary fuel tank, it was filled with a transfer pump (which comes with it). It could also be used for a gray tank.

Ciprian 10-23-2019 11:58 PM

Re: Part It Forward - Karma
Two 16 in steel rims. Located in Jamestown, TN. Will not ship.

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BrennWagon 10-24-2019 01:23 AM

Re: Part It Forward - Karma
Free key cloning in Philadelphia for T1N’s if you provide an unprogrammed cut key, small fee if you provide it and I have to cut it (currently $3.99). Would prefer not to ship, contact for details

vanski 10-24-2019 01:43 AM

Re: Part It Forward - Karma
I'll part with a used but known good radiator... for someone who needs it (not just a spare).

Also, I have a bunch of Espar Hydronic D5 parts from older cocked up Espars. I'm sure some of the flame sensors, combustion fans, glow plugs, etc are good.

No shipping..

East Bay, San Francisco CA.

sassmatt72 10-24-2019 03:32 AM

Re: Part It Forward - Karma
Vanski do you have a 7 day timer?
thx, M

vanski 10-24-2019 04:13 AM

Re: Part It Forward - Karma

Originally Posted by sassmatt72 (Post 817717)
Vanski do you have a 7 day timer?
thx, M

i do, but saving for a project..

Midwestdrifter 10-24-2019 11:06 AM

Re: Part It Forward - Karma
A courtesy reminder. This is not a request thread.
Please use PMs if possible.

Nautamaran 10-24-2019 04:23 PM

Re: Part It Forward - Karma
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I’ve got a three-seat bench complete with the three anchor plates.
It’s in great shape but needs a home.
It’s the “narrow” second row bench, not the wider rear bench (that one is in the van - my kids like the extra hip room... ;-)

I’m driving to Idaho Falls on November 10th, returning to Calgary Nov 12, and could drop it off somewhere along I-15, otherwise it’s in my overfilled garage waiting for you.


brokengranite 10-24-2019 08:54 PM

Re: Part It Forward - Karma
South Orange County, CA

- 15" Steel Wheels with tires
- Oem plastic interior cargo panels from a 118"
- Used turbo resonator (unsure of mileage)

If items are listed they are available. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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