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Old Crows 05-16-2019 06:03 PM

Forrester Shower Curtain
Not a Forrester MBS but on a Transit 350, if it matters. No slide outs....

I've looked everywhere.....

Does anyone with a "Forrester" without the slides have any idea who makes the wonky shower curtain on these puppies? :bash::bash::bash:

The shower curtain has a magnetic "hold closed" against the outer wall. Basically, a long magnetic strip on the wall and on the curtain.

The other side, on the aisle, has nothing. Just hangs loose. Which seems really odd....

The track is a flimsy curved affair. The curtain hangers have little tiny rollers/beads that run in a track on the bottom of the thing. Doesn't look like it would hold tissue paper.

Of course.... the magnetic end of the curtain has come adrift from the track and there's not a clue about how to put it back together. Also, a couple of the 'beads' have popped out of the track in the middle of the curtain...... So, it looks like someone wearing their trow around their knees....

OK... so is there a 'fix' for this? A replacement that's easy to install?

Anyone replaced this kluged up mess with something better? Like something that actually works as advertised?

Asking for a friend.... no really, I have a friend..... just one. And, it's kind of important since his wife is becoming impaired....


The Crow!

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