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Ski Trip 08-01-2018 02:07 PM

as new bench seats from Kold Vans thru ebay
i purchased 2 bench seats, as new pull outs from a passenger van, for my 2017 Sprinter.

the seller is inevilarcha-0 on ebay.

The actually seller is a van refrigeration upfitter in Miami, Kold Vans, ( https://www.koldvans.com , but the seats are on ebay) that removes the seats from the van when they are new. They appear to have a lot of seats, and also to have sold a lot of them.

I got a pretty good deal, being that they are actually new, for ebay plus long distance w shipping and all, I have to say. since I bought 2, he gave me shipping free on the second one.

and they were as new pull outs, as advertised. basically brand new. they also included all the floor rails and bolts, which saved me significant money on the install (install happening as I type this).

he asked me to let people know the he has more bench seats available, and i am happy to do so. if anyone needs a new one, especially on the east coast, check them out for sure.

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