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hoosierrun 10-28-2019 11:48 PM

Re: Noblemercedes warning: Change Turbo Inlet Seal every time disturbed

Originally Posted by Ravenhill (Post 707379)
I have a 2016 3500 V6. When I did the first fuel filter change at around 18,000 miles on the vehicle, I had been educated by you guys about the turbo inlet seal and proper air filter box handling, and had a replacement turbo seal on hand. However, when I tried to remove the old seal, it appeared to be well affixed as if it was glued in place. It looked like I would have to do some prying with sharp objects to get it out. It was not damaged or brittle or cracked, so I left it in place. It was still pliable on the edges, so it didn't feel like it had been cooked into place. Now it's time to change the fuel filter again. Could Mercedes be gluing the part in place to help keep it from getting sucked into the turbo? Has anybody had difficulty removing the old turbo seal? Do I need to up my vitamin intake?

FYI, my seal was glued to the tube in a few places on my 2016. I thought maybe one of the dealerships did it when they replaced an injector at 10,000 miles, but your post pretty much confirms that it is being done at the factory. I got the old seal off but there was glue residue on there that I thought might make it difficult for the new seal to be 100% sealed against the tube. I bought a new tube which comes with a new seal and that part had no adhesive holding the seal on there. That made my first fuel filter change a bit expensive, but still much cheaper than taking it to a Mercedes dealer.

Andrew_T 11-24-2019 06:48 AM

Re: Noblemercedes warning: Change Turbo Inlet Seal every time disturbed
I replaced my old hose with the orange seal with a new hose with a black seal.Not sure on the statement that you have to stay with the seal color your car came with.
Orange seal came undone on my way from Texas to Seattle. Pitch black in the Oregon mountains very loud whistling noise at 3:00AM.
Tightened it, came undone again.
Tightened again, as hard as I could do it with a hot turbo and stayed somewhat put til I got home.
Replaced with the new black seal and new hose. However, I remember inserting seal on the turbo inlet first, then the hose over it.
I’m not sure I’d be comfortable doing it the other way.Seems too easy to have the seal fold onto itself...or maybe I’m overthinking this.
Btw, hose and black seal was bought from Europarts SD . Seal was not glued onto the hose.

Kajtek1 12-22-2019 06:42 PM

Re: Noblemercedes warning: Change Turbo Inlet Seal every time disturbed
I see some of the OM642 engine owners convert to rubber hose. Not sure how it will work on Sprinter, but here is a link for the part.

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