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wolfrgangs mercedes page has 2007 manual in pdf file. diesel partivulate filter
page 12.
the loading of the diesel particle filter has to be checked for the first time at
90,000 miles(144,000km). if the loading is still under the threshold at 90,000
miles(144,000km) the diesel particle filter must be rechecked at every oil
service plus/maintenance service. if the loading exceeds the threshold, then
the diesel particle filter must be replaced. once the new diesel particle filter
has been fitted, the test cycle begins again after 90,000 miles(144,000km)

this is listed under special maintenance requirements. i interpret this
to mean owner pays. the price quoted from diesel rep. on yahoo sprinter
groups page was 1560.00 dollars US. this is why i think its necessary up front
to find out who pays.


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Direct link to '07 maintenance manual...


Quoted text on page 12...


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04-01-2007, 10:49 PM
EPA March 27th 2007
Basically its to stop the filter being sabotaged and also to make sure its still hooked up.
Strange thing is this is still in part in draft format.
EPA regs for DPF.pdf (http://www.sprinter-source.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=1508&stc=1&d=1175467688)
Adding to the comment odd discontent
Stop and think about gas models ! These little oxygen thieves as well, are due for emission changes as well it's a no brainier.
Gasoline cars may need particulate filters; PM emission no longer just a diesel issue - particulate matter Diesel Fuel News - Find Articles (http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0CYH/is_17_7/ai_109443861)
The concern for long life Diesel particulates are meant for the heavy trucking industry
Mercedes is not an issues elsewhere these units are proving to be effective.
However just read these articles, if you don't like them Buy a push bike.
Diesel particulate filter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diesel_particulate_filter)
Diesel Technology Forum: Particulate Traps (http://www.dieselforum.org/meet-clean-diesel/what-is-clean-diesel/new-technologies/particulate-traps/)

04-02-2007, 02:21 AM
i keep hitting you with economics and you keep hitting me with
social responsibility.

all i said that especially with the new EPA rules overall costs between
a gas and diesel sprinter are are probably very close if not now in gases

at least in the US using a gas engine is alot easier to use.

ps. why is the maintenance schedule for 2007 sprinter almost exactly the same gas or diesel. except for spark plugs and the dpf it seems to have
no difference.


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04-02-2007, 11:30 AM
wolfrgangs mercedes page has 2007 manual in pdf file. diesel partivulate filter

this is listed under special maintenance requirements. i interpret this
to mean owner pays. the price quoted from diesel rep. on yahoo sprinter
groups page was 1560.00 dollars US. this is why i think its necessary up front
to find out who pays.

Hi Gerry
I guess it's the way I'm reading your post as you keep on saying who pays for the filter.
I have placed information pertaining to this
so to refresh in simple English with out any other add-ons

For a particulate filter to have EPA certification in the US it must met a standard minimum.

And that was one hundred thousand miles.

The EPA also wants to ensure the unit qualifies for a emissions warranty period , so when Dodge does your maintenance especially before the end of warranty it has the obligation under the EPA regulations to pre check that unit unit is indeed working.

if not it is replaced under the 2004 warranty emissions section free of charge to you.

It has also been set up so it can not be interfered too and is asking manufactures to comply, via a computer assist , Mercedes did well before the EPA asked for this, as part of the standards of warranty for particulate filters in the US. 2004.

you have three mileage ratings for checking on as a pre request for inspection this applied on to the larger rigs, but under US laws the sprinter falls into this category,because of the class of vehicle it is, it's not specific in the EPA standards, it's not mentioned in detail in fact they lifted this from a 1998 Euro 3 standard that also apples to fuel watch quality control that is a voluntary agreement between manufactures , only this moth 2007 has it been upgraded to Euro VI fuel quality and emission standards for 2012 both in Europe and the USA of which yours are refereed to as Bin standards.
Warranties vary in different countries, whereas have 100 thousand miles, we have three hundred thousand Kilometers before a final pre warranty particulate check applies, upon expiry of warranty. in Australia's case three years where I think your on two years and one hundred thousand miles.

If in the event the filter malfunctions on its precleaning system via the oxygen sensors there will be a computer assist warning before hand.
I wouldn't worry about it as the filter can only fail with major blockage of soot contamination in that event you would most likely have seized the motor beforehand, as this can only be caused by defective fuels.
I did ask Mercedes in theory who is the one to pay for a filter in the event of a system failure?
Quote if the said particulate filter failed and this would also apply to Dodge' as well,providing the Sprinter had undergone the maintenance schedules as stated in the manuals, then both Dodge and Mercedes would replace the filters under a no fault blame situation, in other words Dodge and Mercedes would honor any damage done , if on the other hand there was misses in not doing your scheduled maintenance! The Management would either repair or replace defective units, on a case by case basis, this means if it was found that the wrong fuels and oils were used they would dishonor the warranty, and they legally can do this as to the owner being in breach of the warranty protocol even if you were unaware of a faulty fuel this would become a civil case to be heard in a local court of jurisdiction to determine which of the three parties were at fault.

Again how long will it last for? The answer is it should last as long as the Sprinter lasts , however No manufacture is under an obligation to give a lifetime warranty therefore in effect the warranty expires at the end of your warranty period.
I guess you would have to weigh up where you live , the type of quality ULSD Diesel can be obtained and in fairness trust the supply of fuel Shell is the only one I could possibly recommend in the states at the moment as to knowing a few things about the company as opposed to other refineries,
Access to mechanics on V6 is not a problem both Mercedes and Chrysler can service these engines at a pinch, if your outside of your nearest recommended service center the V6 is a common engine , but the same principles of mechanics apply.
All you have to do is maintain the System, and the most important section is on the head, quality fuel will be the key to longevity for the Piezoelectric injectors, that will spray the correct pattern-and fuel rate on to the valves,controlled via the high pressure pump that controls both the fuel distributor and the fuel cooler which will keep the correct temps to order up via a computer management system to keep your engine running at peak performance, of course the same applies to waste carbon particle's the senors again have an engine assist computer system to recycle and burn out the excess particles up to 95% etc.
I know your trying to work out the economics between Diesel and Gas, which is more than fair enough you have asked three times about the Particulate filter, of which you now have enough information to keep you busy for a week or two:rolleyes: What I'm asking you to do is think in the long term of where Gas is heading, [A] your about to have a Ron rating change lower not higher, there is a possibility of a fuel tax on gas I'm not joking its on the cards, there are also discussion in place as to adding a tax for fuel inefficient vehicles of up to 4 thousand dollars.

In conclusion the service intervals are similar to both Diesel and Gas ,but thats where the common dominator stops. Diesel is totally different to gas and in the long run the most cost effective in long term maintenance fuel economy and load to weight ratios versus gas to Diesel.it also has a higher resale value, especially if the fuel jumps in price again.
Just let us know what you end up with, I personally prefer Diesel and freely admit it, but I'm not biased toward gas except knowing it has a use by date in world economics.
Happy hunting for your new set of wheels.

04-02-2007, 02:52 PM
regardless of your opinions i consider you the most knowledgable
sprinter person i;ve encountered. so i have another question.

freightliner sprinter in fl. at bottom of main sprinter page has a
disclaimer saying on

5 yr/100,000 mile federal emission warranty diesel light heavy duty a
deductible applies. what the heck does that mean?


04-02-2007, 06:12 PM
regardless of your opinions i consider you the most knowledgable
sprinter person i;ve encountered. so i have another question.

freightliner sprinter in fl. at bottom of main sprinter page has a
disclaimer saying on

5 yr/100,000 mile federal emission warranty diesel light heavy duty a
deductible applies. what the heck does that mean?


Memo from DC Vans LLC to gerry and all owners and future owners of '07 US model Sprinter vans- Effective immediately, all warranty questions regarding US, EPA compliant, Sprinter vans will be directed to and answered by our new call center in Tasmania. Dr. Z

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04-02-2007, 10:45 PM
Aprils fools day Yesterday But I'm one day in front of you cause it the third and its my Birthday ,so I'm older and wiser:lol:
Andy has a sense of humor gerry keeps on coming back, with a question
Man I'll buy you one for free and pay to have it fitted,
If you remember I said three stages of warranty service
OK The Dodge warranty runs out with 100 thousand miles, but as you have shown 5 years 100 thousand miles emission warranty means DC has an obligation to repair in this time frame, unless you print exactly what DC has said I can't validate exclusions to the warranty or disclaimers if any
if they ran it to 5 years why not extend the mileage to 135 thousand miles like Europe, except they have a three year warranty.
I have to go to work, so give me some more info and I'll look at it again I need to see if all US states have the same warranty standards or just the top five like LA NY etc

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04-03-2007, 12:54 PM
hi Gerry
Its' late and I have not had time to find out the variables as to Emission standards in the states with the EPA compared to again Euro and Australasia, I did previously say if you wanted specific information then ask for it as it takes time to sort out to give a correct or at least a very reasonable explanation, I just have not had sufficient time to do this as to it taking at least a week to research archives and back check via Manufactures and Government information.
with the what the heck does a disclaimer mean! 100.000 5 year?
Gerry either ask the dealer or ask GW/ it just does not add up compared to What both MB state and what the EPA in Europe and Australia are saying, OK the US is different as to which country a Sprinter goes too, as again to different warranty standards.
I will close this off tonight in questioning unless you really want to know it takes time and time is not free , there is only so much I can do or say to print please except this as fact and not a cop out on a too hard for the basket thing if you get my drift.
First off I think the US Sprinter have missed out on a main exhaust so I'm checking on this one plus what we have on all models just to be sure.
Second. The sad an inconvenient truth of it all is your Government as to not having a consistent environmental record of responsibility, too many back room deals with the good ol' boys from the top of town.
I did quote the year 2009... before this article below was put out.

in conclusion If it occurred to me that this filter thing was going to swing off the rails into four separate threads, I 'd have started the first answer in defense of Diesel management instead of bits and pieces all over the place, so I apologize for what will be a confusing set of threads to any other member that will join and not be able to follow one continuous thread.
You have a choice of two engines gas and Diesel The V6 Om 642 is a common Mercedes engine from the 2002 range 320 CDi range , the difference is this engine in the Sprinter has been totally redesigned for the Sprinter along with the fully automated tiptronic trans, the first all-true automatic for a commercial vehicle in the Sprinter class.
this trans helps to adjust under loading and rpm to help maximize fuel economy along with the new OM 642 engine.
All versions of Sprinters destined for Australia exceed Euro V low emission standards, on all the Diesel models three lengths ans six engines NO GAS FOR AUSTRALIA OR CANADA.
The latest generation engine management system with improved functions, for example using signals via the computer assist system from the crankshaft position sensor, it is possiable to detect uneven running due to unequal cylinder performance. This is then rectified by adjusting the injection quantities at the relevant injectors.
The engine protection is improved by means of an integrated pressure sensor, also in high-altitude or in fluctuating ambient tempurtures 'City Traffic' the EGR is regulated even more than before to help maintain the efficiency of the new Sprinters in maintaining a clean working engine. that continues to keep fuel and oils clean as possiable prior to entering particulate matter of waste emissions into the exhaust manifold.
On all Diesel models this is achieved by cooled exhaust gas recirculation, with intake throttling, and by a standard-fitted Diesel particulate filter.
This has been fitted as standard in the Sprinters weight class.
The filter is regenerated by periodic combustion of the particulate matter- either automatically at high exhaust temperatures and corresponding high RPM, or by use of fuel post injection.
An oxidizing catalytic converter is fitted and the main silencer is fitted down stream.
As stated in previous posts I am not a mechanic or technician so what I have written is as accurate as possiable in determining the engine operation of the Sprinters management system , Andy or DR A could explain this more in detail or correct any mistakes that I may have inadvertently made.
I also have not made sufficient investigation that pertains to which filtration system that is inside of the catalytic converter as this was an issue with the EPA in Californian sector in 2003 as to disposal after use there were two precious metals in question, and filters types.
I have given it my best shot.
Just to reiterate... I own both the 2005 313 5 in-line Sprinter and the latest 518 V6 Sprinter both Diesel and no problems with either..

04-03-2007, 05:11 PM

thank you for the help

ps. dealers here do not seem to give straight answers, or don't know, or don't want to know, or say they have to contact chrysler

Altered Sprinter
04-03-2007, 10:15 PM
Thanks Gerry
It's the same down here! 'when I asked them about the filters'
they ran a mile, we know nothing too :thumbdown: That was enough for my little inquisitive mind, to look at the three destinations for Sprinters.

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