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01-01-2010, 03:42 AM
I just found this Sprinter Owners Site & I am a new member & need some expert help with info on selecting new tires.

I apologize for the long posting, but I have done several searches & have been unable to find the answers I need!!

I hope someone in this group has dealt with this problem & they can help me.
I have a 2006 / 118WB / 2500 Sprinter / Freightliner Nameplate that I bought new (& I just LOVE THIS TRUCK!) ,now with 40,000 miles on it.
OEM Tires are the:
Goodyear Vector Cargo 225/70R15C - 112/110R - 115N
& I am ready to replace those.

I want Mud/Snow rated tires if at all possible.

I have been to many Tire Retail web sites & when I select the Commercial option for this Sprinter they all tell me that they have no tires for my vehicle- BUT- when I select the Non-Commercial option I have several choices for replacement tires.

The brick & mortar tire stores I have visited tell me due to the weight range of this tire that the Goodyear Cargo Vector the ONLY choice that I have @ $300USD EACH-> BUT-> They seem to be more or less clueless about the

I have been unable to find anyone any where here in Albuquerque that seems to know what they are talking about when I ask for info on the Sprinter.

I do not do any heavy load hauling in this van- maybe 1000Lbs. daily ( up to now max load has been about 2000 pounds after a trip to Ikea in Phoenix). I mostly drive in town with some Freeway & VERY occasional out of town trips & I Keep around 70MPH on the road, only faster when I am passing. I live in Albuquerque,NM at about 5000 above Sea Level if that has any effect.
#1-> What is the difference between the Commercial & the regular tire in this size?->Is it just the load rating & If so-> how important is that if I am not hauling heavy loads??

#2-> Do I need to stay with this load rated tire or can I go with a lighter weight tire (at about 1/2 the price)?

#3-> Can anyone recommend tires for my Sprinter??

#4-> Do I have the option of moving up to 16 Steel Wheels &if so where might I find them other than the Dealer @ $150 or so each???

#5-> My door frame sticker shows those size tires advising 70 psi Rear / 51 psi Front. But the tire says 65 psi.-> What is up with that????
Thanx VERY much in advance for any help/info you can give me !!!

From the High Desert of New Mexico . . .
Sturgisrun -> Terry

01-01-2010, 04:16 AM
michelin LTX A/S would be my preference, since you'll be getting bast MPG ang good traction. I had over 6000lb in my 2500 140 SHC and handled ok the loand, then I installed toyo highway tires and I hate em cause of MPG loss and poor handling. Maybe someone had beter expirience with different tires, but i'd use michelins.

01-01-2010, 04:20 AM
Hi..the tyre issue with Sprinters appears to be a ongoing subject both in your neck of the woods and mine.

There have been numerous threads discussing the issue with this being one of the latest...


and if you go into the search mode you should pick up the others.

As for the load ratings...............don't know how the insurance companies look at it in your neck of the woods but in mine they wipe you if you have a accident with tyres that donot comply/align with what the manufacturer has specified unless you have engineering specs to cover the modifications................the same applies with our local motor registration folk.

Would be interesting to know what would be the response if one went to Mercedes and asked them if they could provide a SUV tyre rating for Sprinter tyres that are not being used as a commercial load carrying vehicles??

This would give us a greater choice in tyres if the load rating could be reduced to 100 instead of 112.


01-01-2010, 04:48 AM
Bladerunner:->( One of the Truly GREAT movies of all time!!)

Thank you for the 'Heads-Up' on the Insurance angle- I had not even thought of that.

This is my work van & so I need to find out about that.

Maybe someone will have an answer.

Thanx again for your reply.


01-01-2010, 06:33 PM
I didn't realize that the 2500 series had 15" wheels. There is a guy on e-bay that was selling 16" wheels for about $30.00 each.
Matt Murphy

01-01-2010, 06:50 PM
Thank you for the 'Heads-Up' on the Insurance angle- I had not even thought of that.

I live in a part of Europe where snow and ice are common in winter, all the insurance companies will not pay out if you have the 'wrong' type of tyres fitted, and because you are then 'effectively' uninsured the Police will (sometimes) prosecute you for driving while uninsured, and if you are prosecuted another law allows them (The Police) to seize your vehicle, and if the insurance is not rectified within 21 days they have the right to crush it!!!!!

I'm sure things are far more rational and fair in America but it pays to get the right tyres and make sure your insurance company know what you have fitted.

It would sure help if there were not so many inconsistencies in what tyre dealers tell you!!!

01-01-2010, 07:23 PM
I didn't realize that the 2500 series had 15" wheels. There is a guy on e-bay that was selling 16" wheels for about $30.00 each.
Matt Murphy

All 118" 2500's came with 15 inch wheels and tires.

All pre-mid model year '02 Sprinter 2500's of any wheelbase, came with 15 inch wheels and tires.

All 3500 Sprinters through '06 are 15" wheels and tires.

'06 Cab/Chassis 3500's became available with 16" wheels.

Doktor A

01-01-2010, 09:30 PM
Came across a Ice cream vendors rig on my local foreshore yesterday, which turned out to be a 1999 LWB 312 .....stood out because it was sporting a set of alloy wheels.

Anyway I decided to check out the tyre & wheel size and noted they were 16"ers.........by now the opperator was wondering what I was up to kneelling next to his wheels instead of buying ice cream:shifty:..................anyway after telling him what I was up to he became very talkative and was happy to answer all my questions.......................:hugs:

So turns out he had a hell of a job chasing down the alloys as the run of the mill alloys dont fit due to the Sprinter offset and he ended up buying them off the British ebay site.

Tyres were another issue as load rating are the pain in the butt (as we know)...........his rig he tells me carries 2.5tons of equipment and goodies and he also fitted air bags on the rear for added weight support...............anyway the tyres he is running are Bridgestone Dueler H/T 205 R16C with a load rating of 110/108S which have a higher wall than the standard 70 series that is recommended by merc.

He said the 16"ers even with the higher walls had no probs fitting under/on the Sprinter body with the only slight triming of the very bottom of the inner corners of the plastic front guards by about 20mm................which on my inspection could not even be noticed that it had been done.

So it would appear that answers the question some of us have been asking as to whether one can swap from the 15"ers to the 16"ers with no major issues.:thumbup:

However it did leave me pondering on two points...........the tyres he fitted had a load rating of 110 instead of 112 ..........what would his insurance say on the difference of 2 and as the Sprinter compliance plate would state 15" wheels for that model and having changed to 16" wheels what would they say to that?:idunno:

Any thoughts folks...................:thinking::hmmm:

01-02-2010, 05:09 PM
Hey, I just went through this same problem a couple of months ago. I have an '06 118" that came with the cargo vector tires. Looked every where for m/s and the only thing I could find in the weight class was the Continental Vanco Summer tires. I worked with Amigo Tires in Santa Fe who I found to be knowledgable with well trained worker bees although they were in the process of changing ownership at that time. I bit the bullet and got the vancos and so far seem to be getting a little bit better ride even though I had seen bad reviews on them. It seems one of the problems with a lower rated tire is the side walls. There are also issues with going to the 16'" rim with clearance and internal diagnostics that are way over my head. I hope you will post your solution to this when you come up with one. Good luck and since we are both in the best state in the union keep in touch. I am on a search for a good mechanic in NM for my 60,000 mile checkup.

01-03-2010, 06:32 AM
Thanx to everyone for postings your thoughts- sorry I have been so long in posting back- I am self-employed & have been slammed.

--> BUT <--

I have also spent 10-12 hours on the internet the last several days & have located a total of 5 tires that are the correct Size & Load from 2 different manufacturers but have had a hell of a time finding retailers.

Since it has been a long New Years Week-End I have been unable to make any calls to them but hope to get on that sometime this early next week.

I will post what I find out when I get it nailed down & have some time.

One thing I have found out is that these tires (mmmm-> make that Tyres) seem to be MUCH more common in the UK than in the USofA

Anyway just wanted to let all know that this is a work in progress & I will post in detail as soon as I know that detail.

Now off to bed- had a 12 hour day today & have to be up early for work tomorrow- Sunday.

More ASAP . . .
From the High Desert of New Mexico . . .

sturgisrun -> Terry

01-04-2010, 08:43 PM

I have a low roof 2004 118" wheelbase passenger van. I wanted larger wheels and tires on it, for handling and better off-road capability. My search was also long and eventually economically painful. But I found a setup that has served me very well. I bought 17x7.5 AT Italia wheels and 255/60R17 Yokohama Advan ST tires from the Tire Rack. The wheels were meant for a VW Tuareg, a piggishly overweight SUV which approaches three tons empty. I had to have a 1/4" by 1/4" circle machined out of the backside of the wheels to clear the nut that holds the hub on. I used my grinder to remove a bit of the bumper shroud on each side where it tucks under and extends towards the wheel wells. I also removed the front mud flaps, intending to reinstall them with flatter screws. I never got around to that and just let it be. With the purchase, machining, and mounting, this all set me back $1,500 four years ago. After about 35,000 miles of hard driving, I replaced all four tires with the exact same Yokohama.

The result was well worth it. The change in the handling, stability, and resistance to crosswinds was phenomenal. Off-road it is much more comfortable on loose surfaces, something we challenge the vehicle with frequently. Some of our boondocking photos are on other posts. It looks better, too, with the wheels and tires more completely filling out the wheel wells. My only difficulty with this setup came on a Jeep road in Utah when I had to cross a deep gully at a sharp angle to avoid hanging up on the rear bumper step. The left front/right rear balancing act that produced (reversed on our way back) pushed the front wheels so far up into the wheel wells that the shoulder of the tires caught the lip of the fenders and pulled the sheetmetal straight down. Like knives pointing at the edges of the tires. Not good. A block of wood and a few minutes with a jack pushed them back into place, and all has been well since.

An unintended result is that the larger rolling diameter made my speedometer read just about dead-on accurate. In the 60 to 80 MPH range, it shows 1 MPH slower than actual speed, according to two different GPS units. The odometer is now a bit under 10% off, an adjustment I have to make when reading miles-to-destinations road signs. I guess that also extended my warranty a bit, but the techs were looking at the same number of rotations of all the moving parts in the drivetrain. I just went a bit further with each rotation.

Member georgetg in Bakersfield has put G-Wagon wheels and Cooper tires on his 140 inch passenger van. It looks really nice. That is a more affordable tire with a higher weight rating. But they don't have a 255/60 17, which would be about the same diameter I have. They are also narrower, and a wide footprint was a priority for us. I get stuck plenty as it is.

My tires are not rated for the GVW of the Sprinter, but that does not concern me. My heaviest load was taking 7 teenagers up to Ashland for a theater road trip. They were mostly quite slight kids, with little luggage. Maybe I had 6,000 pounds total on that trip, but I doubt it.

Now the rub, the wheels I have are no longer made, and Tire Rack doesn't want to sell wider wheels and tires for the Sprinter.

Steve Tracy, Davis, CA