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06-26-2019, 12:54 AM
Lately when braking I get a pulsating break pedal. I thought it was due to my braking method of slightly increasing pressure and threfore a bulge producing an uneven rotor. I then started braking hard to quicker stopping at intarvals, maybe three times per light from high speeds. It seemmed to inmprove braking but vibration in brakes are not gone. What do you think is happening? Brakes are old. Thanks.

Aussie 2002 4x4
06-26-2019, 12:57 AM
warped rotors? loose bearings?

06-26-2019, 01:02 AM
Warped rotors would be the most likely culprit. Pull your wheels and do a visual inspection. Replacing the pads and rotor and greasing the caliper slide bolts should help eliminate any problems. Wheel bearings could certainly be a culprit too. If you’re not comfortable doing a brake job take it to a reputable shop

06-26-2019, 01:06 AM
Yup, warp but not like Warp drive.

Something to consider.


06-26-2019, 01:09 AM
warped rotors? loose bearings?

Lose lug nuts, Worn ball joint, tie-rods...

Aqua Puttana
06-26-2019, 01:20 AM
What they said.

Except for warped rotors.

My guess.

Old brakes?
Hard spots/pitting of the rotors.

Hard(er) braking may help, but eventually you'll be replacing pads and rotors.

:cheers: vic

06-26-2019, 01:41 AM
New tie rod, passenger front side, was replaced 1 1/2 year ago. Pulsing seems to be on right side but at rear, and I'm kinda guessing by sound and/or butt sensations. Thanks for responses.

06-26-2019, 01:53 AM
Do you have steel or aluminum wheels? If they’re aluminum it is possible that the lug bolts have become weak due to heat and the difference in expansion rates between the metals. I’ve had this happen on an old Dodge I had (‘86 600ES turbo convertible with the pizza style wheels. Yes, it was a turbo K car)

09-05-2019, 01:03 AM
Update: Aqua P was right on; hard spots pitting of the rotors. Pads were cracked but smooth. Everything was rusted badly. Including tone rings, which I bought in case, but have to pull axle to install. Right before professional brake job I was hearing a "moo" sound as if coming from a bellows. It turned out to be from the rotors/pads/ being misshapen. Tone rings did not need to be replaced.