View Full Version : Quick question: flywheel spacer

Missouri Blue
05-17-2019, 07:34 PM
I'm upgrading the old flywheel (OM612) to the new, thicker flywheel. Do I keep the spacer in on the engine side or the transmission side?


Missouri Blue
05-17-2019, 10:26 PM
Got it. The washer stays on the transmission side (facing out). Admin: feel free to delete this whole thread.

05-18-2019, 02:27 AM
That's useful info, I would keep the thread.

Missouri Blue
05-18-2019, 11:19 AM
The problem with finding the information regarding this washer/spacer is because it is referred to as a flex plate (flexplate) and/or flywheel. I found a post by Dr. A long ago by searching for "flex plate washer".

I was sure that the spacer went on the outside of the flywheel, but when I bolted the transmission to the engine the engine would not spin: Made a real nasty grinding sound. Since the motor spun freely prior I took the transmission off to see what the problem was. I thought maybe the flywheel was being pinched.

It was. The torque converter not being aligned correctly: I wrongly assumed there would be enough clearance to bolt up the transmission and then line up and bolt the flywheel to the torque converter. When mating the transmission to the engine you have to have the torque converter and flywheel pretty close to in line.