View Full Version : Turn engine on without rear lights?

10-10-2018, 07:42 PM
Hello everyone!

Iím pretty new here but love the amount of info! Iím converting a sprinter into a campervan.
I recently changed the double seat to a single and wired a 3.3 ohm resistor to the aribag sensor to hopefully avoid any error codes in the computer once I turn it back on.

Now I want to turn the van around 180 degrees but the bumper and rear lights are currently not connected. Might this also cause any error codes in the system that might be hard to remove later? Or will it be fine again once I connect them again later?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

10-10-2018, 07:46 PM
Codes will be easy to remove with a reader or scanner.
You may be stuck in park without the rear lights connected, if so, stick a pen in the hole near the shifter