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10-05-2018, 01:11 PM
i'm so confused i thought the egr was the nox solution?
volkswagen had more a particulate filter no? just like fords the reason they light them off is to incinerate the particulate matter?

emissions are a scam once the factories necessary to produce all the emissions equipment outweigh the emissions saved through that equipment. i helped an "a hole" who wasn't my friend remove the exhaust from his 2016 ford diesel it took at least half a day and it had at least fifteen sensors how much nox does making all those factories and tooling them and manning them with workers who drive to work each day produce...

the government is such a joke most times. how about nox crediting all those dingleberry rich people that take a delta flight to anywhere 500 times a year and leaving my working van alone... how much nox do commercial airliners release? not to mention how much fuel they illegally dump into the air before landing... put a catalytic converter and bluetec injection system on the bird that that takes the kardashians to paris or jamaica or italy thirty thousand times a year.

excuse my rant and my less than adaquate pictures all these articles are online if you are looking for them, if i am not mistaken. the best articles are from richard mccuistan i went to a community college trade school both my teachers taught like this guy. the horse before the carriage...


10-05-2018, 01:15 PM
last page.