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09-18-2018, 03:24 AM
Hey All,

Have an appointment finally with one of the dealerships who has a tech folks have been driving from other states to see apparently, so cautiously optimistic.

Earliest was 2 weeks out from calling date, most were 3-4 weeks out at Mercedes dealerships (the 2 we have).

Have been still looking at other forum posts related to the turbo codes I had, blown hose, etc... and still not jumping into LHM after certain length of time.

So today I happened to notice that though the other temp sensors seem to be working, the little cheap code reader shows in live mode that EOT temp in F is 32.

I tried looking this up, including here and I think maybe folks are referring to it as engine temp? But I don't want to assume.

So ambient temp (AAT) is about 93F, IAT is about 97+F and there sits the EOT at 32F.

Does this jive? Or is there a sensor that is dead somewhere?

This may be a seriously basic question, so I apologize and if already answered elsewhere point me in that direction, just trying to see if I have another sensor not reading or if this is normal.



09-18-2018, 03:49 AM
Yes you need to investigate that--well done for observance! :thumbup: Disconnect the sensor and see if it flat lines any more.

09-18-2018, 04:02 AM
Hey Dennis,

Thanks so much for the speedy reply, really appreciate all of you on here helping those of us with less knowledge who are trying to learn and in my case, I'll likely own this one for a few years yet and being over 100K I'm expecting more than a few things along the way.

Question, I cannot find a link to which sensor this is? Is there a link to an image for it? Thus far, I know where the MAF, Boost, IAT, and have seen where others are on the exhaust, etc... but couldn't find this one listed. If I read write, this is "Engine Oil Temp" EOT, yes?

Thanks so much again! Much appreciated!


09-18-2018, 04:04 AM
What is the van model and the year?

09-18-2018, 04:13 AM
It’s a 2016 Mercedes sprinter 2500 (2WD) - 6 cyl.


09-18-2018, 04:20 AM
Have another question filling with DEF tonight and noticed a hose thin diameter near coolant tank
that isnít connected on one end but has a small harness (plastic) thatís holding it still on top of a larger soft rubber pipe of larger diameter.

Iíll try to post a pic later but I canít see where this connects. Looks like it could reach below the EGR but I donít see any ďnippleĒ missing a hose attached.

This is passenger side, larger hose itís riding on with the plastic clamp heads back from coolant tank toward passenger side ...

Not sure if Iím making any sense but canít find a schematic of hoses that may show it.... have some oily looking fluid under EGR and worried this little hose came off something...

09-18-2018, 09:03 AM
Just went out & looked at our 2015 V6... didn't see anything like that small rubber tube near the oil dipstick & coolant overflow tank. (Looks like most likely a vacuum line, however...)

Any chance you could post another pic from a bit further away?

09-18-2018, 09:16 AM
Thanks Irving! Will take another pic in a few hours when I'm up and moving from further back.

Tried finding a video that had a good shot of the area, but everytime they got close they'd head back to the part they were giving advice on! :)

I'd say the piece of hose is maybe 12" long, outer diameter is 3/8", hole in center of the hose is only 1/8".

Back around 8am my time! Thanks!

09-18-2018, 10:35 AM
That plastic clip is on one of the EGR coolant lines... but mine has nothing in that position. :dunno:

Is this an up-fitted Sprinter? (Roadtrek, Unity, etc.) Perhaps something added there? Like I said, it sure looks like a vacuum line -- which would be used to control something... but my 2015 2500 doesn't have anything like that -- at least not that I can see. (Ours is a Roadtrek SS Agile)

The only similar lines on mine are below the coolant overflow tank, that go to valves/sensors under the air cleaner box.

09-18-2018, 12:46 PM
Can you see where the other end of that small hose connects?
As suggested it looks like a vacuum hose, but does not look like the type of vacuum hose Mercedes uses
for the brake booster and other vacuum powered/actuated devices in Sprinters.
Have you looked in the documentation for the diagnostic tool that came up with the "EOT" to see what
parameter is being measured @ 32 deg. F?
Seems like none of us have heard of "EOT" before, so it has to be something that your diagnostic device
measures (it's a parameter for some temperature) but the acronym is not common or familiar to us.
Hope this helps,

09-18-2018, 02:54 PM
Justin .......you said little cheap code reader. Thatís very likely the issue.........oil temp and transmission temperature has been discussed on the forum many times. Getting the scan gauge or other code or scan devices to read some sensors correctly on the MB can be very challenging.

Before going too much farther..........check the Sprinter with a more MB friendly tool.

09-18-2018, 03:27 PM
Hey All,

Irving, thanks for the pics, the clip I'm showing in my pic, is sitting on top of the EGR line that comes out on the left side of the EGR unit. The cilp is a double clip, one side holding the fatter (.5") sized EGR coolant line, with a smaller clip hole for this hose. This hose to be clear was laying inside the compartment when I opened it up, almost like it blew off from somewhere and happened to land where it wasn't able to fall out on the passenger side.

No upfitting to this van, stock 2500 6cyl. high roof model.

The best descriptions I can find on EOT including a reference on this forum using the search function, is that folks often refer to it as "engine operating temperature" though online I can find references to the oil level sensor which also senses the oil temperature to optimize driving once oil is heated on cool winter days, etc... This is at the base of the oil pan and I do have some fluid on the wires and plastic housing leading down to that area, which worries me that the fluid coming from above is actually fouling the sensor.

A symptom of this sensor going bad, is failing to recognize rise in temperature of the oil, assuming possibly the base reading it can go is 32F, mine is static at that level on my autel reader. The reader is just a $20.00 model from local big box but I should mention it literally reads all other statistics on the live mode, which would mean this one EOT reading would be the anomaly if its not able to read it as I get all other temps in real time and all other categories fluctuate when driving.

I'm buying the Autel MD802 based on another post I made with original issues a month back, but haven't done that yet. But does seem weird only this one category would not be moving or picking up a signal based on the level of the reader. I do have to admit though till I noticed it not moving yesterday, I was focused on turbo and other readings and the IAT and AAT as so many have shared issues with LHM about those.

Really appreciate all the info and sharing everyone! I'm going to crawl back under this morning and while putting the hose in the plastic clip, going to see how far it could reach in either direction, maybe that will help me to line it up at least at one end with a nipple of some sort.

Keep you posted. Can't wait to finally get in to the mechanic on the 25th! Though also incredibly nervous as I don't have a relationship yet and can only hope I've found one of the ones who has dealt with a wide array and won't just send me packing with a new turbo and still throwing codes!



ps. will try to take another pic after putting in plastic clip in case that helps anyone. It is a 2016

09-18-2018, 04:33 PM
Update -

1) Ok, took a pic of the hose sitting on the clip, for the life of me I cannot find a place this attaches to so other than sitting in this clip with both ends not attached, I'm not sure what I'm missing and it must hook to something?

2) The EOT sensor to the best that I can find, is the oil level and temp sensor, in the pic on the oil pan. I was incorrect in stating this had fluid on the cable coming in, this is dry. Unclipped and clipped back in to assure seated, still shows 32F on my reader.

3) Finally and likely worse, I have had oil drips showing under these components shown in the pic (the EGR and between that and the EGR cooler). I've cleaned it up the last couple of days and then watched for resume of oil emerging. It appears it is in the big chunky part between the EGR and the EGR cooler, can't say if it is the gasket that is leaking between the cooler and that part (which as a newbie I can't find a name for) or if it is leaking above. There is a bundle of taped up wires running down along the right side of the EGR when facing the open hood and the tape has wicked up oil it looks like. The EGR itself sitting atop does not seem to the source of the leak, but I've read on this forum that the EGR can be leaking oil from below and that would generally require replacement though I saw some said, it won't leak that much and you can get by for a bit?

I'm good with replacing it as at 100K it has never been cleaned (didn't find this forum till recently to let me know this was a good idea to have done along the way many times to prevent buildup, etc...) Is it more likely the EGR itself is leaking the oil down toward the cooler or that a gasket is spent? I see the gaskets for this area tend to be pretty cheap parts, not sure about difficulty in replacing and I have no issue whatsoever with someone saying "do not do this yourself" if they know its an area you can cause more harm than good.

This whole thing for me started with turbocharger code, along with IAT code and MAF codes. I know these could be unrelated as well and just other signs of maintenance issues, etc...

Thanks for any input, appointment is the 25th, I've seen the EGR valve replacement guides and that I could do, wondering if I don't see that as the cause of the leak, should I go further down and trying to replace gaskets or looking for damage, or just replace EGR and wait for the tech to assess the rest before attempting other?

(I know its a judgement call on many of these things, just wanted to make clear my feelings won't be hurt if those of you with way more experience say "do not do that!" Lol!)



09-18-2018, 05:20 PM
ECT is the industry standard for engine coolant temperature.

As far as the loose hose.........that’s likely the water drain for the fuel filter. Suppose to clip to the valve cover near the dip stick. The hose is clipped to the radiator support behind the right headlight when it’s not being used as the drain tube.

09-18-2018, 07:00 PM
Thanks for the hose info Showkey! That makes sense as I’ve looked in that area from every angle and couldn’t see anything it would attach to other than a holding area.

On the EOT, I do see ECT but there are posts in this forum about looking at ECT and the other temp sensors including EOTamd that they should all be reading something logical.

Just clarifying the EOT to best I can find is the sensor for oil level as well as “Engine Oil Temperature” (EOT).

Just didn’t want to confuse anyone what I’m seeing is stuck at 32F.

09-18-2018, 08:19 PM
DOes your van have the factory aux heater option from espar?

09-18-2018, 08:40 PM
Hi grant, had to look that up, I don’t believe so from the links I see on that unit.

09-18-2018, 09:27 PM
This is one of the old threads where EOT sensor comes up.

"On a relatively flat freeway, at 62-65 mph for 10 minutes, fully loaded (10,600lbs) for travel, no towed, outside temp above 80F, our fluid temps average around 200F for water (fWT), around the same or a few degrees lower for transmission (TfT), and around 225F for engine oil (EOT). All temps measured with a Scangauge II with the latest software/firmware, and using the Sprinter specific programming coding from the Linear Logic guy's thread. Can't recall which forum it's on. 2018 N24V low profile."

Though it does seem rare that this comes up anywhere, so maybe it rarely dies or gets fouled, but of course, if mine is not working, and should be reading a temp that it sends along to the computer, that would seem like an issue, unless my reader truly isn't reading this one temp, which is possible, but seems bizarre.



09-18-2018, 09:45 PM
Another question folks, I checked with my local mercedes parts store that has the EGR valve, but its a "reman" for between 5 and 6 hundred (closer to 600).

Who do you like online who ships fast for parts like these? I see several carry it, and many like partsgeek list NEW OEM. But not accustomed to buying parts like this and wondering is there a best place folks use?



09-19-2018, 12:16 AM
Have a look at the OEM quality EGR valve from Euro-Parts SD for < $400.00.

09-19-2018, 12:03 PM
Hi grant, had to look that up, I donít believe so from the links I see on that unit.

The reason I ask, is typically people will "defeat" the factory switch that wont let you turn it on if it is over 32*. so they put a resistor in line to make it read 32 or less. This is a textbook trick.