View Full Version : Mercedes benz by back offer

08-31-2018, 02:23 AM
Has anyone else received this Specially selected limited to 50 sprinters offer via mail. 25% over kelly blue book wholesale toward a new vehicle.. :lol:

08-31-2018, 09:31 AM
wish I had that offer in June, i only got $15 k trade, on a 2015 144 stnd roof with 82,000 miles. initial value when van was ordered in January was $21000, they said after 72000 miles they wholesale it out. they can not certify it after 72000 miles.

they never use kbb for trade values, always galves ? wholesale values.

but i did get invoice on the van, considering there are very few sprinters in inventory, i guess it balances out.

i priced a transit, but no hid lights, no heated windshield, which was important to me.