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08-17-2018, 09:09 PM
2014 70,000 miles on 4 cylinder stock 144 hi top with new rear end howl/ noise, more loud 30-70mph. Better when loaded with gear to dampen sound but this is new the last 2000 miles. Inexperience local mechanics - one said the differential is bad and another said R hub bearings going out (probably). I did first differential oil change last week (a magnet picked up under 1/2 drop of fine metal dust from oil after sitting in pan 1 hour . Lots of discussion her about harmonic resonance and axle/ parts changes with no improvement.

Anybody else with noise in a stock newer van not loaded like the RV's?
Any repair experience in California with a great MB service business?

May drive the 700 miles back to Long Beach Dealer as they were quick and honest with AC failure from low coolant only costing $125 and a free loaner for 2 days at 55,000 miles.

also would like to connect with other OM-651 (2014,15 4 cylinder owners. 144 crew version- )
Thanks, Rod

08-17-2018, 10:10 PM
An inspection of the inside rear tires area may find something dragging against a tire, like a lose pad sensor etc, or could be bad driveshaft hanger center bearing

08-18-2018, 06:31 PM
Final drive noise in failure mode usually changes note a lot between throttle on, throttle off and steady throttle.
Wheel (Hub) bearings tend to change note with change in direction.
Tires are the first place I would look. A slipped belt can sound an awful lot like a bad differential.

08-18-2018, 06:42 PM
I recall this noise issue has been raised before and addressed by Mercedes Benz via a publication stating the noise was a consequence of the vehicles design???