View Full Version : 2003 TCM help

05-29-2018, 07:49 PM

Does anyone know if a Transmission Control Module from a 2005 sprinter 2500 will work correctly on 2003 sprinter 2500? I called the parts department at Dodge and was informed that the TCM for years 2002-2004 has a different part number than the TCM for 2005-2006?


05-30-2018, 05:41 PM
Bob the shop foreman at Silverstar transmissions says: The TCMs on the early Sprinters have been updated several times so I would check the part number on the TCM to see if it has been updated. If the part number doesn't match, don't use it. Also, feel free to call SST at 800.369.6601 and ask for Bob if you have more questions.

while it might work in a stranded situation, it's not recommended for long term use