View Full Version : P2099 Underboost Condition w/ Oil on Intercooler Hose

04-24-2018, 02:54 AM
Hi all,

I'm getting an underboost condition code, and have gone into limp mode twice. After a quick inspection, i noticed some oil leakage on the smaller portion of the intercooler hose.

see pictures here: https://imgur.com/gallery/1k9oCyd

I'm no mechanic, but I was wondering why there would be oil in there in the first place- isn't it an air hose?

I've ordered a new intercooler hose, and the other hose that is attached to the resonator from europarts, and will probably do the same for the turbo resonator and buy the resonator eliminator.

Side note: does the resonator eliminator make a ton of noise? that's what i've heard in other forums.


04-24-2018, 03:53 AM
Hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like you are on the right path. The tubocharged air is oily, so unexpected oil on the turbo hoses is one of the signs of a turbo leak, and the underboost code is also pointing you in that direction.

04-24-2018, 04:13 AM
Just talked to my girldfriend who was driving behind me today, and she mentioned she saw some black smoke puffing out occasionally. Does this fall inline with underboost leak as well? I would think this may point to something wrong with the turbo itself.

04-24-2018, 05:00 AM
Nope. It fits in well. black smoke is too much fuel and not enough air. If theres a turbo leak, air is leaking out instead of getting to the cylinders.