View Full Version : 2007 Leak from Turo actuator arm

04-02-2017, 02:46 AM
As part of my winter project I got a new turbo core CHRA, cartridge. Last code P0299 and unresolved P242f that has not gone away with computer adapt of serviced DPF. Maybe bad ECU.

So I am going to check out if cat is clogged and was doing a check for leaks where I have not before and found a good leak from the vane actuator arm where it enters the turbo body.

See Pics

A little black around the arm shaft and when I spray with soap and start it up I get plenty of bubbles at idle. I imaging much more when I am under load.

I also saw a little bubble bleeding at the top of the turbo 12 O clock along the seal, this is on the exhaust side same as actuator arm. I checked the bolts and I got another half turn on all I cold access. Leak on top subsided.

I am hoping removal and tightening the rest of the bolts will seat the actuator arm leak but I am not sure if that will seal up actuator arm.

My bad? I did not buy a rebuild kit and just replaced the CHRA and the rubber ring. Some say leak from here is normal but it seems to me this is the culprit that lets me drive for a very long time below 50 55 for a long time, when I get on it it usually does not LHM but just when you think its O.K. it drops and the restart resets.

Does this arm have a replaceable bushing, ring or seal? is this normal or?
Will the rebuild kit have something for that actuator arm?

I think its take apart time again, good practice an hour maybe to get out. All the exhaust bolts are fresh with antiseize so it should be just fine to remove.

04-02-2017, 10:20 PM
OK MAYBE this is what I get for buying china stuff. The CHRA in my turbo is new and the mid assembly that connects the two parts of the turbo is what contains the CHRA (impeller). So its leaking from the VNT actuator arm from the exhaust side. Also found another leak in my upper EGR TUBE gasket. So I think with others input maybe my CAT is plugged, too much backpressure, blowing gasket, leaking turbo???

Like dropping a bag of marbles down a metal grate and then trying to find them.
WIsh I had my benz scanner now.

If I had access I would rent a working cat and DPF just to pass emissions and then dump the egr system and get a new cat. One fail all fail from front sensor to rear bumper.