View Full Version : High miles 2007 transport sprinter?

Lizard 1
03-13-2017, 11:11 PM
So looking at a passenger 2500 2007 with about 280k on the clock. Runs great, looks amazing and has the A/C on the roof.


Passenger screams it has idled a lot in those 280k miles. But, how clean it is says they maintained it.

I worry on the EGR and related issues the NCV3s have. Idling seems to exaggerate this if o read correctly.

Anyone buy a passenger version with higher miles? Only has Carfax for service records.

Rob S
03-14-2017, 02:17 AM
My thoughts would be pretty much same as I gave here:


03-14-2017, 08:40 AM
There's idling and then there's idling. The kind of idling I'd expect on a passenger vehicle would be relatively short periods at a time, although maybe a lot of them. Probably better than more severe idling abuse such as multiple hours at a time while stationary to keep the interior warm, etc. The fact that it runs well and even more importantly seems to have been maintained well are positive factors. Get it scanned to see what fault codes might be present. But no way around it, that's a lot of miles and you can probably count on having to put some money into it in one way or another.

Since it is a 2007 it is fairly easy to head off emissions control system problems with a tune, should it come to it.