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02-10-2017, 10:26 PM
Ok, so I've searched this forum for an answer [a few times over the years] and I'm either incompetent, or dumb, or both...

Anyway, my van's drivers and passenger side door windows freeze up all the time, have since the first winter after I bought it. Any small bit of of ice or hard frost, and they will not go down. It's been 10 years now, of me leaving the drivers side window down 1" every day and night, so I can grab the top of the window and pull down when I hit the switch [sometimes this doesn't even work and I have to wait until the cab window vent heats it up enough to allow me to break it loose. I cleaned 10" on snow off it yesterday [but took a different vehicle this morning due to the snow] and know tomorrow morning the fight will start again.

Are my Sprinter window motors just that weak? [I have a 20 year old jeep G.C., and it could have 2" of ice on the window sill channel and it will simply break the ice like a Coast Guard cutter when I hit the dn switch]

I have always waited for someone to post a complaint [hell, we are Sprinter owners where love and hate shake hands daily] Or, am I the only sprinter owner who rolls his windows down in my winter climate zone [NE, coastal CT] and has this issue?

I had a '05 T1N and didn't have this problem [read as: Sprinter owner, hard core]

So [after the rant] My real questions are:
1] do post '07 models suffer this malady? And if not I'm assuming I could buy the updated lower window gasket, pull my doors apart and replace.
2] Is some other option available, that I can't find, to fix the problem [other than spraying de-icer on the window channel every nite before I walk inside the barn]

Any and all comments [as long as not too sarcastic] are welcome :rad: And, thanks in advance for any forthcoming wisdom :professor:

02-11-2017, 03:35 AM
Well I don't know about wisdom---but experience tells me!
This malady is common on lots of vehicles, very common on Isuzu's. Very common issue as well in the UK with is always peeing down with rain & freezing!

What you have is wear on the door/window weather seals or too much play on the window tracking which is allowing moisture to drip onto the lift mechanism in the door casing, which in turn is causing freeze lock up..
My suggestion would be to check the condition of the weather strips and window runners, replacing if in doubt.
Then open the door casing and apply some lithium grease to the runners, rollers and lift mechanism so that water dropping onto the slider rails so it doesn't freeze lock of the lot in the door .
All the best