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12-29-2016, 04:13 AM
I've read the posts on shutting off the daytime running lights, and tried every combination of fuses 2, 8, 13, and 14.

Here is my fuse panel under the driver's seat, and the cover: https://i.imgur.com/gAsIQJF.jpg

If I remove either of the big relays in my picture, the car won't start. Not sure what else A1 or A2 would be. I looked under the seat, and only saw one relay connected to a wire and not attached to anything. Removing it seemed to have no effect.

If I remove fuse 14, I can't seem to turn the headlights on at all. If fuse 14 is in, the headlights are on all the time.

The other fuses seem to control some aspect of the DRL, and with them all removed I can use the selector to turn on every other light how it should, but the main headlights won't come on without fuse 14 in.

Does anyone have any other ideas for things I can try? I really want the flexibility to control my own damn lights!

2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500.

12-29-2016, 05:06 AM
I had to remove 2,8,13 &14 to turn mine off, since that didn't work for you, look behind steering column for more fuses labelled DRL
but once I found out regular output bulbs last longest I put them back in for safety.
Why do you not want automatic lights on?

12-29-2016, 06:47 PM
Why do you not want automatic lights on?

I have a stealth RV conversion build and want the flexibility to turn them on/off at will. I replaced them with LED headlights so I'm not worried about longevity.

I'm just worried that pulling fuse 14 wouldn't let me turn the main headlight bulbs on at all, but without removing it, DRL seemed to stay on. I'll check under the steering wheel too.

Edit: Maybe it's not normal, but I don't have the ability to turn the lights ON when the car is off. I assumed this was because of DRL. I def still want the ability to turn them OFF while the car is on (maybe with a brick on the accelerator to get 'high idle' and charge my house batteries if needed, lols).

12-29-2016, 06:57 PM
Don't forget that there is a bunch of relays under the driver's seat itself... not on the side with the fuses, but under the protective cardboard.


12-29-2016, 06:59 PM
I would like to turn them off for getting on and off ferries and using my Driveway (,to not shine lights to neighbors house)
Clicking up a couple on the park brake is supposed to turn the off, but it doesn't work on my vehicle.

12-29-2016, 09:06 PM
It sounds like your relays aren't activating.
The "logic" of the system is that the relay is a two position switch. When you turn on the lights, it kicks the relays to the on position.
When the relays are in the off position, power to the lights gets there through those fuses that then lead to the relays.
So my guess is that the fuses in block #1 are out or blown. I think that is under the steering wheel.

01-03-2017, 04:44 AM
I also hate my DRL. If I pull fuses 2,8,13 &14 what all is disabled? That seems like a ton of work just to get the drl off

01-06-2017, 04:04 PM
Does it still run? Check you license plate lights. I only pulled three to kill left, right and marker lights. But the license plate stays lit. Pulling a fuse that killed that also stopped the engine.

01-08-2017, 04:18 PM
Do y'all pull fuses while the van is running? I have been turning it off and on to check everytime, and it's a lot more time consuming.

01-08-2017, 04:35 PM
I did this once by pulling 3 fuses on my 2006, the seat fuse panel.


01-08-2017, 07:32 PM
Why hasn't a dashboard switch control for the daytime running lights been considered? Pulling fuses to accomplish what most of us would like to have a say over, is not a choice to me.

That goes for the interminable open door warning buzzer that is, to me, completely useless. I know when my doors are not closed, In fact, yesterday I drove home with a dashboard signal blinking that told me my side door was not closed all the way. There was no beeper sounding off. If when stopping, all I got was this blinking light, it would be bearable. Having that freaking beeper go off when I get home and am listening to some music and open a door, is intolerable.

Without pulling fuses, why not a simple dashboard switch to give each of us the option? Thanks to all here.

01-08-2017, 08:00 PM
I don't know where I got the idea that the parking brake is supposed to turn off the DRL.
I can't find it in the manual anywhere...

I may look into wiring it up witha relay so the the parking brake will turn them off. (If it really is supposed to work on a T1N please let mne know, but I see nothing that. Would do so in the wiring diagrams so far)


01-08-2017, 08:23 PM
Lotus, if that simple act of engaging the parking brake would work, sign me up. I have flat ground to park on and never need the parking brake at home. I will try it and see if it makes any difference.

I recall camping and wishing my daytime running lights were controllable in consideration of my fellow campers. There has to be a better way than pulling a bunch of fuses.

01-08-2017, 08:32 PM
My Eurovan (for sale) does this- a couple of clicks turns off DRL.
I thought I read in the Sprinter manual that it mm worked that way also.
But I must have been dreaming...

I'm going to look at The diagrams and see- then come up with something.

Aqua Puttana
01-08-2017, 08:38 PM
I believe, I'm not certain, that for the NAS aka NAFTA Canadian approved Sprinters the DRL are not allowed to have an operator defeat.


01-11-2017, 09:14 PM
I did have a blown fuse under the steering wheel, but haven't been able to test DRL yet as my van is all dissembled to install an A/C compressor...Will update if that fixes it.

01-12-2017, 04:43 AM
After looking through the diagrams, I think I can make the parking brake switch disable the DRL with one relay.
The NC connection will power them, when the parking brake is pulled up a Few clicks (and the key is on) it will open that connection, removing the earth for the DRL relays. Looks like they get a common earth.
But of course I won't know for certain until I look and see if the diagrams are correct.

I'll make a diagram when I do it and post.


01-16-2017, 02:51 AM
Just my 2 cents, which might not be worth anything.

On my 2011, it has the "auto-on" lights. They would be on within seconds of engine start & could only be turned off with the engine. This is ALL the lights, not just DRL (front only)). I used the steering buttons to get into the settings. The truck has to be in Park to change most of these settings.

$150 of bulbs in 3 months will do that to you. Now, I have the most expensive bulbs, not the second most expensive. This set lasted 6-8 months. Usually one goes, then the other a few days later. This last time, they both went at once!

02-14-2017, 02:27 AM
I believe, I'm not certain, that for the NAS aka NAFTA Canadian approved Sprinters the DRL are not allowed to have an operator defeat.


Sounds right. DRL's have been manditory here in Canada for about 20 years?
Used to make it easier to spot American vehicles, but lately you're installing them too.

My 2004 is a US import, so doesn't appear to have them, which has me here wondering how to ENABLE the blessed things...

(Late model DRL's have logic that turns off one lamp if the turn signal is flashing on that side, which I suppose helps other drivers see your indicator? /insert BMW driver quip/
Any factory implementations that did that?)


edit: the 2005 service manual indicates that the DRL relay is energized via the K26 signal from the instrument cluster upon receiving the Engine On signal (see p201) The primary DRL relay is said to be located along the front rail under the drivers seat. Looking at p573, interupting the field power (red/black coming from splice S310 near fuse block #2 under the driver's seat) or the field ground (brown, relay terminal 85) should depower the relay and turn off the DRLs without side effects. Running either via a normally closed switch would allow manual control.
Running the field toc groud via the hand brake switch's sense wire seems possible, though better if the hand brake switch is closed when the lever is down. (The driver's seat belt switch is open when the clip is inserted.)

02-14-2017, 03:22 AM
I believe, I'm not certain, that for the NAS aka NAFTA Canadian approved Sprinters the DRL are not allowed to have an operator defeat.


Exactly hard wired with few second delay after starting engine.