View Full Version : Strange Sound

Gaspiping Sprinter
12-02-2016, 03:08 AM
Not all the time but sometimes and its Coming from front driver wheel when speed is low , slowing down or taking off and it sounds like an old wheel barrel wobbling ! its not the brakes I already checked .
Any thoughts :hmmm:?

12-02-2016, 03:30 AM
grasping at straws but did you check to make sure the lugs are tight? I think more description is needed...

Gaspiping Sprinter
12-02-2016, 04:24 AM
No grasping at all and yes the lugs are nice and tight alright ( I reeve them slightly with a big pipe ) ! I am thinking more like a wheel bearing issue here

12-02-2016, 05:43 AM
Ours for last several years has a groan or rubbing noise at starting off at times and especially slow turn at redlights/Stop sign, noticed mostly after sitting close to week.
Complained at Dealership a few times and they said rust. Post on board about it a few times, you might do search on board.
Anyway, since been doing few years we just ignore it, mostly.

Gaspiping Sprinter
01-17-2017, 04:37 AM
Confirmed , it was the front wheel bearing as suspected !!! tightened the locking nut a bit and noise is gone since however I noticed the wheel in question spins less freely and comes to a stop sooner than other side indicating to me a stiffer bearing ( No the brakes +caliper are fine and checked) . Got a set of OEM Bearing and will be dropping them in .

01-20-2017, 06:56 AM
Thank you so much. Your description is exactly the same noise I have. A squeaky noise, right? Not a groan?