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04-28-2016, 06:14 PM
I was excited (but not surprised) to find a forum dedicated to the Sprinter chassis and Pleasure Way. Forums can be very helpful solving issues. Great place to learn.

Wife and I are looking at downsizing from a Class A.

I do all the driving because she is afraid of trying to handle our rig on anything but a straight piece of road. I'm retired, she is nearly there. It would be nice to have a second driver and with 6 seasons on the larger rig, we find we don't need all that. Something we can put in the driveway is appealing and after eliminating many choices in the B category, we happened to see a video of the 2016 Plateau XL and think that might just be the one.

We like a lot about that model but I do wonder about some things and hoped to hear from other owners how they might approach certain challenges.

I'll go right for one problem I see. Storage.

We have a basement under our coach and it is full. Yes, I can redeploy much of that to the stick house but some items we want to take along. Storage space on the XL is less than extensive. As I look at the pictures, I wonder where we would store our outside chairs for starters.

We each have double door wardrobes; the XL has a single wardrobe and it's less than one door wide compared to what we are used to. I don't know how that's going to work.

How do you handle this? Pack light I assume but just how do you get that done?

Thanks for any help,

Gary and Cindy

04-28-2016, 11:33 PM
Welcome, Gary. I can't speak specifically to the PW, as we have LTV, but I assume roughly similar storage. We do have what LTV calls a basement, really just a pretty good sized underfloor tub where the spare used to be. We have spend over 60 nights a year i n ours, including one trip of 3 months. While we have learned, before we got the unit, to pack light on our travels, we find we have all the space we want or need. Everything is stowed. For outside chairs, we have some canvas on steel tubing chairs that fold to not much more than the thickness of the tubing. They go under the bed, along with a similarly flat-folding table (plywood, home made) which is handy for any boon-docking, but not needed otherwise. The "basement" carries a multi-purpose grill, which could fit under the bed (Safari Chef), a tool box, some spares and fluids, an old Coleman camp stove and fuel, and other stuff we could do without or stash elsewhere. I would take a good look at what you've actually needed and used on your travels, and pare down accordingly, and for the equipment you can't do without, search out the most compact versions. Some people have hitch-mounted cargo boxes or racks, but we haven't felt the need. Sometimes we carry some bikes back there.

04-29-2016, 11:48 AM
I too have a Leisure Travel Van, Unity Murphy Bed, and I have the Let's Go Aero Gear Space 34, http://letsgoaero.com/gearspace-34-cargo-carrier-dark-gray/, cargo box on the hitch of my rig that provides me with 34 cubic feet of extra space for the bulky items. I carry tri-level ramps, 2 folding Dahon bikes, a Weber Q 2000 grill, propane tank, big floor mat, folding screened room, rubber and hiking boots, 2 small tail gating type folding tables, and some other odds and ends. Works great, YouTube has some videos as well.