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03-09-2016, 01:33 PM
I've been fussing about how to tell when a REGEN is in process... since I do service work in residential neighborhoods, my typical driving is short trips, which is not so good for the Sprinter emissions systems. I am dutiful about taking the van on the highway once a week for 20 minutes or so to heat things up in an attempt to prevent any short cycling of a potential REGEN that might be in process at that time.

My I-4 has already been to the dealer once, check engine light on and in Limp Home Mode, requiring a forced REGEN. I've programmed my ScangaugeII to monitor CAT temps to no avail... the readings in both sensors and banks read 0 at all times - this may be a programming difference between 4 and 6 cyl Sprinters, as I know others on this forum can read CAT temps successfully with the Scangauge.

So much for some background info. Yesterday, on a short 1 mile trip to a client's house, check engine light came on... RATS, now I have to schedule a trip to the dealer. About 20 minutes later, I went to a home center to pick up some supplies, and drove highway speeds about 5 miles... check engine light still on. After shut down in the parking lot, I heard the telltale tinkling/snapping sound of the HOT exhaust system... RATS again, I've just short-cycled another REGEN.

After a 5 minute stop into the store, I hit the highway for roughly 20 miles in 6th gear - roughly 2500+ RPMs. Check engine light still on. After one more quick engine stop for more supplies, the check engine light was OFF.

I have no data about this... but my supposition is that maybe that check engine light was telling me to keep on driving - a REGEN is happening.

Has anyone else had a similar thing happen - check engine light on and then going off without your doing anything other than driving highway speeds? Any ideas?

Thanks! JJ

03-09-2016, 05:15 PM
Some codes must be manually reset and some can clear themselves (if the fault goes away), usually after some number of drive cycles. The latter is probably what you saw but in any event it's pretty much pointless to guess about such things, the only path to knowledge is reading the code(s) with a capable scanner. One thing the CEL light isn't doing is indicating a regen, it doesn't work that way.

Catalyst temps are in the set of standard OBDII PIDs and normally they are accessible. I think if you continue your research and/or double-check your Scangauge programming you'll be able to read them.

03-09-2016, 11:30 PM
P.S. I assume you've tried the X-Gauge settings below (known to work with the V6) and they didn't work? If so are you certain they were programmed correctly? (the way the Scanguage setup works it can be a little confusing)

'Bank 1, Sensor 1' (pre-cat):

TXD: 07DF013C
RXF: 0441053C0000
RXD: 2810
MTH: 00090032FFD8

'Bank 1, Sensor 2' (post-cat):

TXD: 07DF013E
RXF: 0441053E0000
RXD: 2810
MTH: 00090032FFD8

03-10-2016, 12:46 PM
SMILLER - thank you for your reply on this - I have programmed the ScangaugeII XGauge settings to what you have listed above, as well as for the other two Fahrenheit settings (Bank 2 Sensors 1 and 2). I downloaded the the XGauges from their website.

Still getting Cat Temp readings of 0 for all of these. At first, I thought that I might need to go through a particular "Drive Cycle" to activate the readings, but after a few months of watching... still no joy. Maybe these particular gauges are not supported for the '14 I-4. I don't think it's a Scangauge problem as it works for other standard readouts.

I may throw more money at it and try an Ultra Gauge... bottom line is because of my driving habits, I would really like to know when a REGEN is happening BEFORE I shut the engine off. Still working on this particular mystery.

Thanks for your help on this!