View Full Version : Water Leak - Washer Hose Grommet

10-23-2006, 02:01 PM
The other night I had the hood up. It was raining, and there was a
steady dribble of water into the engine compartment around the common

I traced it to the grommet where the windshield washer hose passes
through the exterior sheet metal next to the wiper arm.
This grommet is a loose fit, and the water enters behind this, filling
a cavity inside created by a folding in the sheet metal.

Every few seconds (it was raining hard) this well would fill up, and
spill out the *interior* hole punched through the sheet metal by hte
wiper arm- and land on the engine.

There is no drain hole at the bottom of this well, suggesting it is
not designed to work as a drain. This was all noted on the passenger
side, though the grommet on the driver's side wasn't much more solid.

I attempted to remove the grommet, but having no spares I instead
pried it up with a wedge and injected silicone gasket compound
underneath it, and taped it down with masking tape until it set. I
also disconnected the washer tube on the outside so I could continue
to use the wipers until the sealant set.


05-25-2014, 08:47 PM
Has this stopped the leaking? Mine does the same thing.