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09-15-2015, 02:49 AM
Hey there sprinter fans,
So we just had our van serviced with a fairly costly but complete hp fuel pump that had been leaking but have been returned with a van that has its break lights stuck on. The guy at the shop seems to want to distance himself from the responsibility due to the fact that it was towed in and they didn't drive it before it was serviced. That being said we had no problems with any electrical before any work was done and it sounds like they want us to bring it in to have it worked on "maybe for a half an hour but maybe for much longer" to fix the issue. Any ideas as to known issues here or maybe to help out someone trying to navigate the world of spending way too much money only to have new problems created? Thanks! (As a side note they did a great job making the van work again in all other ways, but this is not very safe...)

09-15-2015, 04:12 AM
I think another guy had issues with the brake light while servicing. The switch at the pedal was the problem.

Aqua Puttana
09-15-2015, 12:51 PM
If the towing company stabilized the steering wheel by strapping to the brake pedal or other wise pulling the pedal up hard it may have pushed the brake light switch out of self adjustment. The brake switch adjustment is fairly easy except for getting your shirt dirty.

Check here.



09-16-2015, 12:27 AM
Hey there. So I got under it all, pulled on the plunger, got it to click out maybe three times, and when I released the break it seemed to click back in. I kept checking in the back and it seems that it didn't do anything. The breaks seem to to blink or flicker when I hit the breaks, but no hope yet in them going out. This would seem to make sense in that the cruise control stopped working right before taking it to th shop but so far nothing has panned out. How long do the breaks take to "recycle"?

Aqua Puttana
09-16-2015, 02:28 PM
It is normal to feel clicks as the plunger is pulled out. From there the brake pedal bumps it back into proper position for the self adjustment. If the brake light switch adjustment was successful the brake lights should respond properly right away.

The cruise failing to work could be related to a brake switch malfunction. The brake pedal switch is a simple contact closure so can be tested using a VOM. vic



09-17-2015, 11:51 PM
!!!Quick trip to the local NAPA where they luckily had a new switch and a couple of zip ties and the problem is solved!!! Thank you so much for your help, I'm sure the auto shop would of loved to charge us another few hundred dollars to fix the problem. Hell yeah!