View Full Version : Severe limp mode after changing the TMC plastic adapter.

05-13-2015, 09:39 PM
Hey guys.
So its know that the transmission adapter plug tends to leak ATF and is frequently replaced in between fluid changes. that was the case as mine was leaking but I did not need a fluid change so I simply wanted to replace this plug and the 2 O rings to stop the leakage.

Went to the dealer, got a new adapter and the 2 O rings, replacement was hard with the new O rings and for some reason would not fit. So I used the new adapter and the old O rings. Anyway, assembled, plugged in the TMC harness and now my sprinter in severe limp mode. Will not shift into any gear except reverse and drive. Clearly triggered by the transmission because no check engine light.

I do have the dipstick and checked my fluid level to be good. Used the same shell ATF I used previously without any issues whatsoever. Inspected the TMC harness and plug, looks good. The new adapter did go all the way in and the bolt tightened. Tried to disconnect the battery for couple of hours and no luck.

What are my options? Anything else to check?

05-14-2015, 02:00 PM
Never mind. Seems that i did not connect the TMC plug all the way and it prevented the harness to make proper contact with the valve body. Had the TMC codes reset by a fancy scan tool and van runs great now.