View Full Version : yet another 16" wheel thread

Fletch F. Fletch
05-12-2015, 05:39 PM
Hey guys, sprinter noob here.

Bought a 2005 140 hightop 3500 over the weekend along with a set of 16" alloys from a newer roadtrek. I'm currently searching for 16" inner steal wheels for the rear. I know my alloys are 16x6 but the only thing I can find are 16x5.5 in steelies. Will this be an issue?


link for an example of what i'm finding.


05-12-2015, 05:55 PM
You want all wheels the same size.

Fletch F. Fletch
05-12-2015, 05:58 PM
That's what i figured. Any idea where to get 16x6 inners?

05-12-2015, 08:12 PM
Not sure what size they are, but I believe the NCV3 3500 wheels will fit your T1N. They might offer you different sizes.