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05-09-2015, 01:41 PM
This is for T1N owners and 2500/3500 chassis cab under an Airstream Westfalia RV conversion.

I have had two recently that have had the rear sway bar bushes and brackets fail.
By itself a no big deal on a van BUT when the sway bar breaks /comes adrift on these rigs the first thing that it comes up against is the sewage discharge pipe from your toilet/lavatory holding tank!

Ripping it off at the slide valve fitting the whole lot in the tank gets discharged !:thumbdown:
I would hate to be a biker following the rig when that little lot let go but in any case the Onan generator is right in line of fire!

In both cases the original complaint was generator not working.!
Yes not working because it was full of sewage and dispersant liquid!:thumbdown:

In the Denver area of course the agents for Airstream is Windish RV on 6th Ave .
We managed to get a slide valve from them (a sole NOS) and the glue on swivel coupler BUT in the process discovered (after a dealer's phone conversation with Airstream) that few parts are available for Westphalia RV conversions . We are still in process of getting/adapting the gaiter /boot for the rest of the discharge pipe.:idunno:

So with the summer driving season fast approaching I thought I would pass this repair experience along so that you won't be faced with a non operative generator and toilet on you road trip. (Happy wife happy life!):laughing:
So check or get your rear sway bar checked.
Remember the dealer rarely has these bushes and J clips in stock!
Happy Sprintering

05-09-2015, 08:20 PM
Reminds me of this one!! :lol: