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05-07-2015, 10:59 PM
So I have the opportunity to buy a 3 seat bench seat this weekend that appears to be in great condition. I haven't had the chance to shop around alot, so I don't have a great idea as to price... is $1,100 fair for a seat in good condition?

Thank you!

05-08-2015, 12:07 AM
I saw that too - it seems high to me. Coach builders seem to be selling new NCV3 bench seats for less.

05-08-2015, 02:28 AM
Does mounting a NCV3 seat into a T1N cargo present problems? I'm getting Van Specialties do the mounting, but not sure what issues are brought up mixing models?


05-08-2015, 06:17 PM
You need T1N seats to fit a T1N, floor and seat rails don't line up for NVC to T1N and Vica Versa...

I think that price is far to high..... I got all my seats for less than $350.00 each for my T1N.

I would keep trolling Craigs list..... watch the used section here too.

There are some in the Portland area for $500. now, but saw a three seat a week ago for like $200, guy said wife wanted it out of the garage.....

If I were you, I would patiently wait for T1N seats at a good price, and or call and email offers to those out there, and maybe be willing to pick up.....
I got my three seat from a guy in Seattle, made for a nice weekend visit with the Wife and then 8 month old daughter, paid $225.00

Hope this helps, patience is the key to success on these things (IMO)

Good luck

05-08-2015, 06:22 PM
PS, See The Traveler Post in the Parts section, You have to travel to Redlands, but its a great deal for the set and the each prices.....

If you don't want both, but are willing to travel for them, you could drop off the one you don't want to me (PM me) and I will throw you an extra 25 for the pick up.... I would take the 2 seat.

05-11-2015, 04:57 PM
We ended up grabbing one of the bench seats from the listing up above - talked down to $460 for the one, which seemed fair enough since the seats are basically new. Now to get it mounted!