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05-02-2015, 09:37 PM
Hey all,
My 04 2500 threw an alternator pulley, so today, I put on a reman piece. Upon start up, I got a battery light on the dash. Checking voltage at battery, I get 18-19 volts. Also, on the dash, I have various lights on- engine, battery, tire rotate, ABS. The lights go off upon slight rev to 1200, but come back on at idle. Poss. I have a alt that is not regulating properly? Is the regulator part of the Alt.?Took out a headlight also. Any insight is always appreciated.

05-03-2015, 08:27 AM
Hi there,

With those measured voltages I agree it sounds most likely the regulator has failed (or never worked) on the remanufactured alternator.

You are correct it is part of the alternator itself.

I would not run the vehicle with those voltages until it was sorted as although the ECU/Electronic control systems voltage protection is kicking in/out when you rev the vehicle. There are probably some pretty high 'unclean' voltages being produced from the alternator and being distributed freely through the van's electrical system in its current state.

If you are forced to operate/drive/move the vehicle a few yards, either remove the auxillary belt (best) or as a last-ditch desperate measure (Not recommended unless absolutely unavoidable), turn on the headlamps, heater blower and any other high current draw device you can think of on the van to hopefully take the edge of the excessive system voltage just for its short period of use. Keep the engine revs as low as possible.

All the best