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04-30-2015, 03:32 PM
Hello guys,
I need some help identifying what axle, rotors, and pads I have on my van.
After reading the forum for help, I called the local Dealership to look up my build sheet for my van. The service rep. said that the VIN that I gave him displaed that it had 16" wheels but I have 15" steel wheels OEM. The service rep was able to provide the (2) sizes 272mm and 285mm. The smaller has the opening to secure the rotor to the hub, and the larger does not. Calipers need a physical ID, I have found pictures to help over at Europarts website.

After checking the axle for a tag or ID and not having luck, it looks like that trying to inspect the caliper is the next phase for me. I think that only Bosch and ATE (Teves) are the only two manufacturers that were used, I dunno.

The local parts store was a little reluctant to order (2) types of rotor sizes available along with the (3) different set of pads.

I was able to figure the front rotors and pads out, just having a little more difficult time on the rears.

If you have any suggestions to help narrowing this down, please PM or post.
Once again it is raining outside, which delays my brake job - but buys me some more time for research.

04-30-2015, 03:45 PM
There are marks on the calipers so you can see who made them. There is a sheet here in this forum to help in IDing them - you will have to search for that. You do not have to take the wheels off to check the calipers for the maker marks.


04-30-2015, 05:26 PM
Check the europarts-sd website for photos to help determine your brake manufacturer.


They have brake kits with rotors and pads for reasonable prices and they ship anywhere in the US via priority mail for no charge. Just finished installing front brakes yesterday and will install rear brakes today.

05-01-2015, 02:26 AM
Hey guys - thanks today for the input.

I have the ATE/Teves calipers in the rear and the smaller rotors with the torx bolt that secures them. Anyways after tire removal I saw that the rotors had surface rust on the stopping surfaces. The pads had rusted to the machined slots. These pads were not floating and I couldn't budge them. After research and reading, I cleaned up by filing and wire brushing the contact areas of the pads and the machine slots. I used a thin copper high temp grease to ensure that the pads were truly floating. I cleaned the hubs and placed a thin coat of high temp. anti-seize on the hub where the steel rims slip over.

I was divided over putting a little brake caliper grease on the bolts that secure the caliper. But after cleaning them up, a thin wiping seemed right - I know MB says to keep them dry.

No piston leakage, just tons of rust goobers... I filed the raised lip on the rotors smooth by hand, followed by a little compressed air. After reassembly, a few pumps of the brakes and a test drive. I am a happy camper.

Stops on a dime, new pads & rotors up front with the rear brakes now making contact.

05-02-2015, 10:42 PM
I've heard ate calipers are the most common in the rear.
Here is the part # for the pads you'll need. 0044202720