View Full Version : Clogged intercooler?

04-29-2015, 07:04 PM
Has anyone ever had this issue?

2006 Dodge 3500
Stock turbo
All new plumbing. No leaks. New clamps. New resonator. New air filter

Van doesn't have turbo pickup it used too. I can hear the turbo whine though..
Also have a bad oil leak. I nor any mechanic has been able to find. Black Death?

04-30-2015, 01:00 PM
Is it throwing any ODBII errors? You may have a clogged EGR (it the Sprinter sat idling a lot - that would cause it). A ScanGuage II or UltraGuage EM would allow you to monitor your Turbo Boost/MAP sensor to see what it is reading.

The turbo will loose some oil, so seeing an oil coating in the turbo hoses is normal. If you hear it spinning up, odds are you have a disconnected hose (or a hose with a split in it). My 2002 has no Turbo Resonator and I can hear it, but most 2004's and later (with a turbo resonator) the Turbo is much less noisy.

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