View Full Version : NE WA, Spokane area, seeking sprinter folks w/ garage

11-24-2014, 01:15 AM
I have been living in Spokane for about 8 months with a very busy job.
I'm hoping the jobs slows down for my last 6 months here (I'll be in spokane until around June Im guessing?)

Anyways, as living temporary in a place does this, I don't have any tools or space to work on the van. I did a temporary conversion to get me through the year but would like to start the remainder of the build and the "real conversion". I am wondering if anyone around spokane has a garage and a room to rent in their house? My job will take most of my time, but what little time I have I would like to use on the van.

I can bring my tools from seattle area over if need be. This is my 2nd van conversion so I can also help out if someone is starting their own DIY build around the area and looking for a buddy!

I would pay rent as well.
Shoot me an email at ndycrg@gmail.com if ya know of anyone!