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07-06-2014, 11:00 PM
I have a 2005 Plateau TS.
Only used it for 2 nights and so far not impressed with the bed. Maybe I am not putting the bed together correctly but it just doesn't work for us.
The support panels that you put the 2 extra cushions on do not cover the entire gap which makes for an uneven sleeping surface. Then, the "loose" cushions tend to shift and we end up with a big gap where your whole leg, hip, etc... sinks down into during the night.

Does the manufacturer sell a fitted sheet that holds everything together?
I am looking around for inflatable mattresses but the available space is 65x72, give or take and I can't find anything that fits that space very well.
My other idea is to put velcro on the back of the 2 cushions so they stick to the supports and lock every thing together.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

07-07-2014, 12:00 AM
The ottomans' cushions have two settings: one is with the cushions near the walls, and the second position is away from the walls to make those cushions fit tightly. Look at under the ottomans' cushions to see what I mean. We bought a 2 inch memory foam which we folded when in sofa position; without this memory foam we also found the bed uncomfortable... Al

07-07-2014, 03:44 PM
The boards that go between are enough, just spread them out to support the cushions correctly. What might also help is putting the larger ottoman seat cushions in the centre and adding the back cushions to fill the gaps at the wall. This way, no cushions can push out.
There are no fitted sheets, but a queen size sheet will work to hold everything together if you want. If you're not too tall, it might help to sleep crossways parallel to the couch cushions rather than perpendicular to them. I found them uneven when I tried to sleep across them, but I'm short enough I sleep side to side without issue.
Another thing people do is add a memory foam topper of some thickness until you're comfortable. The thickness varies, so you might need to try a few options before settling.

Hope that helps. BTW, you'll find more owners on the yahoo group system. Look for pleasurewayownersgroup and pwclassbvans and join there to get more responses or search the archives. There's lots of information there to help you.