View Full Version : 2010 audio 20 aux cable for phone?

03-02-2014, 05:31 PM
Hi guys I want to be able to connect my phone I bought a lead 3.5 jack to a white block that is supposed to fit in back of stero however there is already a block there with two wires in ?
Any help would be great need the tunes in our race van ;)

Dix :thumbup:

03-17-2014, 07:56 PM
Can't no one help or point me in the right direction missing my tunes lol

09-17-2014, 07:18 AM
Can't no one help or point me in the right direction missing my tunes lol

Hi Dix,

The block that is already plugged in will be the same as the block on the end of your cable. You can take the pins out of the block on the end of your cable and insert them into the block that goes into the back of your stereo.

I'll try to explain but it's probably easier for you to just work it out! The block is comprised of two plastic pieces, one slides horizontally out from the other, and contains the pins. Once you've taken these two apart you can use something small and sharp to press the clips that hold each pin into the block, thus releasing each pin.

Once you've got the pins out of the block, insert them into the existing block attached to your stereo.

In order to work out which pins go where, find the mercedes wiring diagram for your stereo head unit.

Test to see if you can switch to AUX in on your stereo by pressing the DISC button twice, if not, you'll need to find a mercedes technician with a STAR unit that can recode your stereo to enable AUX in. They charge by the half-hour so if you leave things disassembled they can do it quite quickly - for me it took 30 minutes and cost about 50 quid.

Alternatively I think they charge 70 quid for an 'aftermarket accessory installation' and will do it all for you. The main difficulty is finding the wiring diagram, you may be able to find it online or a mercedes center may be able to send you one.

Good luck!