View Full Version : My '06 wouldn't start either, then did

02-13-2014, 01:43 AM
Until this AM, my '06 with 086K started very reliably but not today
While waiting for glow plugs to cycle I noticed the fuel pump was quite noisy
Cranked and no start, hmmmm
Tried several times and nutin
Then noticed that fuel pump continued to run even after I stopped cranking
In fact the pump ran for 20-30 seconds and was quite loud
Gave the battery a 30 minute rest and tried again, still no start
Charged battery for 45 minutes and engine finally started with reluctance
Than stalled which it had never done previously
Waited a little while and then it started no problem and ran just fine while ran errands with numerous stops and starts
Now the fuel pump sounds normal:hmmm:
CEL was on throughout and I read code P0087 "fuel rail pressure too low"

Could this have been a result of ice in fuel lines or should I be looking at a new fuel pump ?
btw..... fuel filter changed recently

Old Crows
02-13-2014, 02:14 AM
Just a guess... Sounds like fuel starvation. Perhaps gelling or icing in or around the fuel pick up.......