View Full Version : Trans Leak, again?

01-26-2014, 04:57 PM
So the other day I was at a construction clients shop and down in their oil changing bay (man that's nice to have) and installing my new wolverine block heater on the oil pan when I noticed what seems to be a leaking rear transaxle or transmission seal. Anyone have this issue before?

When the van was at 9940 miles I took it to one of my local Detroit MB Dealers because I was getting weird shifting sounds and they noted that there was a bell housing leak which was repaired and the adaptations were performed on trans post repair. Anyone else had issues like these? Since I am dropping off Big Blue on Tuesday at Freightliner for scheduled maintenance and a variable idle retrofit and I will have them look a this again but twice in 36k miles makes me frown.. Especially since it's so wet right now.